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This one? http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/srends/54e245e27c21c.jpg


Until now i have 3 different types of cases, keys and Symbols.


Small, Medium, Large Cases (with different Colors)

Keys with different Symbols (i see i have 4 Keys)

And 3 different Symbols (with different Colors too)


So i make 2 other symbols and thoose knifes and then i try to make a large case set in one rush.

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could you pack it to one file :) and upload .. iu think we could use them also with hydrocraft .. as toys .. :) and we could make something like collection .. unique items .. and if it will be possible we could add some extra bonuses whgen you wear spifox in inventory .. uuhh .. it makes me crazzy


 i love that one with hazmat suit :)

no .. i love them all .. i wanna plkay with them :D


here is some my knifes textures .. maybe usefull .. :) http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/14127-looking-for-artists-for-hydrocraft-mod/?p=205009

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yep i will make a few Spiffos and then i pack them all in one big File. I think Halloween Collection is done so far. I have really tried to make an Werewolf but until now it look not good. But i will try again :D


Hmm i think about to make something big. Like a crashed Airplane or a train or a Satalite who is chrashed down (i thin the ISS is a little bit to much :) )


Edit: Forgett the Spiffo of the Day ...




Edit 2:post-24928-0-91618100-1443724625.png



And yes the cases and keys ... plz give me some more time. The production is near finished so  you must not wait very long.

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