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A few WIPs

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Hey everybody!


First time poster here so forgive any scr3w ups, been lurking the board for some time now and I absolutely love the game, love the modding community and love how the devs keep on giving and giving.


Seeing as the (World) Creation tool is going to be implemented some time soon, I thought Id post a few screen grabs of my overly ambitious efforts at building mods using the current tools. Im sure theres tonnes of errors in these, but I dont have so much time to get as good as some.


Theres a dockyard container crane inspired by a thread where some dude had a go at making a container ship which I think is an awesome idea. Sieben said something about a crane, so....


Did a stupidly silly big Civic Building/Town Hall with a Presidential bunker and started a mahusive metro station with sewers and maintenance rooms etc by cheating and using the 3rd (I think) floor as Ground level. Dont think it could ever be applied even if I finished it cos of the zombie spawning thing I think. Did a metro car too but its not as good as another one posted awhile back. 


Here goespost-22802-0-30892700-1441591210_thumb.p













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These look pretty awesome! I'm surprised these are your first builds; I think you may have a knack for some map-building.  :-)


Keep up the good work! My personal favorite is that container crane; good use of in-game resources and I'd love to see a large-scale construction site or shipyard with one or two of those babies chillin' around for me to make a safehouse in.

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Wow! Thanks so much everybody. I didn't really think much of them as they are all seriously unfinished. 

Your posts are encouraging and I'm thinking about reviving an idea I had and started, but didn't carry on as I suspect it might be a "waste of time"..... pic related




And so, to my question. Hopefully someone here will know the answer! 


Is it at all possible to somehow make a stand-alone map, Challenge or for the actual Game that has the 5th or 6th floor as the Ground floor (under current 7 floor limit)? I suspect not and I believe it is mostly due to room definitions and the way the code handles spawning of loot in said rooms. I also reckon that it might not be applicable due to the way zombies spawn, but I'm not certain. 


If it is somehow do-able, the Challenge map I started is for a Presidential Bunker 5 floors deep with abandoned underground rail tunnels, sewers and the bunker complex itself with interior roads and classic anti-zombie apocalypse Government bunker type rooms and zones like Security, Labs, Armories, Prez's Quarters complete with Panic Room etc etc.


Ground floor is small block in town. The buildings limited to Ground floor, 1st floor and roof. It's totally overrun with large amount of zombies. Player/s start inside and have to either try and find another way out or prep for the eventual collapse of bunker entrance and the horde to do it's thing.


If the consensus says do-able, I'll knock out the rest of the map as quick as I can. See if it inspires someone to code up this nightmare. If not, then hey ho! It'll just have to wait until Underground is officially brought into the game (I believe it's a "Yes" on the "To do" list??) or flip the floors around and make it a High-rise Bunker!


One more Q. Does anyone have an idea about how difficult it would be to make some of the angled roofs walk-able? Have them be a sort of ramp?


Thanks again for the comments and likes!         

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