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Farmhouse Challenge

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"You lived with your family in the farmhouse outside of Muldraugh when it started. Every night, you heard te screams from the neighbour's houses. 

Now your parents are dead, and your supplies are low...


You are restricted to the farmhouse and the area directly to the north. If you survive for two months, the world is open as normal.

Let's hope you can find what supplies you need in the small available area, and be sure to choose a forager, trapper, or farmer, or your death will be slow and painful. Expect a couple of unexpected twists before your time is up..."


The farmhouse is a great but remote location that a lot of players move out to, but what if you started there, and can't leave except to scavenge from the houses to the north?


All feedback is welcome, especially about the number of zombies/amount of loot. Too much/little of either, please let me know!


Farmhouse Challenge on Steam Workshop

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