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Animations (/.gif images) of Spiffo

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I took the time to create a animation out of one of Spiffo's tutorial images.


This was my first attempt at a animation (.gif image) so I really hope you enjoy and I might make more if people want me to. Just keep in mind I'm limited to some things since making a .gif is all new to me. :geek:  :-)



#1 Getting crafty




#2 Mapping the way to success



#3 Watermelon Spiffo


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It's good. Needs a bit more movement overall.


Yeah I tried that with the ear for example but the darn thing kept the previous frame behind it as a result I thought it looked weird so I didn't move anything major besides facial expression and the inside arm. :???:


All in all the image turned out ok though and this must be the first animation of Spiffo for all I know. :-)

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On the plus, you don't hate me.

I'll take what I can get.


One can not simply hate Enigma without being punished with a stupid title or warning point.



EDIT: Oh god you're following my topic. :shock:

          *slowly backs away from computer and dives out the window*

One hell of a job nonetheless—even though you got rid of Wimpy, err, Eating Spiffo.


. . .



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