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WARSHIFT - Action/RTS/RPG hybrid

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Hey guys,

This is my game project on which I worked alone for 3 years:

 WARSHIFT is an indie experimental project where Action, RTS and RPG gameplay elements are combined in one space epic. You can build bases, manage armies, and then come down to keep the enemies at gunpoint, gain experience in dynamic battles and customize your main characters and vehicles.

 What it currently has:




•Switching between Action/RTS mode on the battlefield

•Dynamic battles in the action mode

•NODE-based strategy gameplay

•16 types of units: 6 customizable combat avatars, 9 AI soldiers, 1 heavy-unit

•7 types of building

•Powerful orbital strikes




•Evolving system for customizable combat avatars that are designed to add to the game some RPG elements.

•Dozens of weapons and upgrades

•Super-abilities and transformations




•Heavy unit "Dreadnought" is designed to add to the game some elements from classic “wargame” genre, such as tactical management of heavy orbital/atmospheric battleships.




•Grounded, air, water, underwater, outer space



4 playable maps for customizable skirmishes against AI:

•Orbital sector is designed especially for battles in the outer space

•Naval sector is a mix of 4 playable environments

•Sector “Frontier” has ruins of bastion that located between the dense jungle and desert

•Wide sector is designed to show full potential of strong armies and battleships



•10 linked single player missions for the human faction campaign shows almost all the current features and modes of the game.

•Basic LAN multiplayer.


Official site: http://warshift.com/

Steam store page:



Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.

 I'm currently working on joystick controls implementation in my game. And I need advice regarding key mapping for RTS mode. Because I'm really don't have much experience with controllers.

Also, I will be glad to discuss anything regarding creation and improvement of strategic AI, best practices of that.

Also, if anybody has questions regarding creating rts-based games using Unity3d engine I will be glad to help with advices.

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