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After looking at setting up a long term residence with renewable food supply, It came to my attention that rain barrels for collection is implemented but there is not an "efficient" way to direct water to moderate / large size food plots.


A solution for this would be to place a rain barrel(s) elevated so that gravity can act as the pumping mechanisim and attaching a gated trough or valved piping system to do the initial dispersment to the crop rows. With trencing dug between rows to allow for watering of the adjacent crop tiles.


Gated trough recipe could / should be a lvl 4 Carpentry given that collection is made available at that level, and consist of 4 planks + 5 Sturdy sticks + 10 nails + 1 rope.


Water trough extensions would require only 3 planks + 6 nails


Pipe with valve assembly could potentially be salvaged from drained sinks or commodes, or alternatively implemented as a drop at appropriate locations on the map. Same argument could be made for the raw pipe itself.


Difference between the two would be the piped structure could also direct water into a housing structure for renewable indoor plumbing via barracaded opening in wall.


Could also be interesting in multiplayer as well since water collection would have to be secured else risk tampering / poisioning ( rotten food , zombie corpse in the well, etc.)

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