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So last night I decided I'm going to make my own map, got some ideas brewin' and woke up bright and early to hop on it. So today I read Thuztor's tutorial and have figured out how to create my own .bmp map, how to create buildings, input them into the map, etc. Essentially, aesthetically, I've got everything down packed. His tutorial is great but a bit hard to understand certain things. Coding I know will take me a couple hours to get down but I haven't really looked into it that much so far. I'll figure it out. Seems simple enough. One of those once you know, you know sort of things.


Right now what I want to do I think has to do with coding but I need to know where to start in order to put what I've created thus far in game. I want to test it. It's important that the dimensions and placement is correct. I want to place a blank slap of earth in game to make sure it's right BEFORE I start going build crazy. I can build till the cows come home but it's not going to do me any good if it isn't exactly how I need it to be.



I essentially need to know how to input my map into my game. Please note, I literally just started learning today, so step by step instructions are helpful. Do I need to create a certain file or code? Is there a tutorial for this exact thing?


Like Bedford Falls. It's off the map but is still connected and essentially expands the map. That's exactly what I want. I also want to be able to send the map to friends later. I know, from examining player maps downloads, that this involves replacing some of the WestPoint or Muldraugh original map files with your own .lotheaders, chunkdata, etc while inputting your own into the original map folders. I can see that much.


And I'm starting to think that this is probably so simple that I'm thinking too much about it and thus it's becoming way more complicated than it actually is.




If someone could post a link to a tutorial or several tutorials which explain how to do this, I would be greatful. Or if someone could explain it, that would be great. I have scoured the web and the forums and haven't found anything, but I know it's possible because... Well it's already been done.

In Thuztor's tutorial at the end it starts explaining origin's and X/Y's. I'm going to assume that when I press Generate Lots -> All Cells that my World Origin is the placement of my map on the current one from the center of my map and each cell = 1 ? I don't know what is real anymore. o. o

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*Do I need to create a certain file or code?
Yes, a good structure will save you some time in the future.
Here is an empty example mod-folder to start with:

=place=> the "myMod" folder =into=> C: ...user_name... /Zomboid/mods
You can toggle the mod in-game (and see how it works).
And even select it as a spawnpoint, but do not spawn a character.
- mapfiles: generate your _.lot files inside this map from WorldEd (Generate Lots...)
From here you can place/copy them inside the Muldraugh,KY folder.

Doing it like this will make the mod/files easy to share with others.

- media : this map has files inside that lets you choose your 'map' as a spawnpoint in-game.
The important file here is "spawnpoints.lua" ,if this is empty your character can not spawn.

- a text-file with information, that will show up when you open the "Mods" tab in-game.

-myMod.png : a picture that is used together with '' and is visible in the 'Mods"tab.


The World Origin numbers are your map coodinates.

You can see them in WorldEd->View->Show Coordinates (the upper cell will have 0,0).


So when you press 'Generate Lots->All Cells' and you change the World Origin numbers (0,0), the coordinates of the upper cell are changed first, not the middle one.



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