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Demolished stairs vs Sky Forts


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Pretty much what I've done. My base is held up in the logging company at the far south-west of the map. Inside has roof access and an isolated stairwell. I'm considering trashing the stairs and just using ropes to get to and from the roof (to both interior and exterior).


Already got my farm flourishing and about 10 water catcher barrels going. All I need is to stockpile even more canned foods for the coming winter (have enough right not to get through the first). And since I live outside 90% of the time I never seem to get boredom :)


I get the feeling this is similar to how sky fortresses work but I've never actually seen one.

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I think levitating things are silly. I do not see how removing stairs could be cheating though. What are you cheating? Are you cheating the zombies? Are you cheating Allah? Are you cheating yourself? If an enemy army has to cross a bridge and you burn it, then fine. If there are ladders against your castle walls and you destroy them then great. If zombies want to climb up from the underworld into your heavenly garden above but you take the stairs apart then great.

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Some people consider it cheating, I think it is really creative. Like some production buildings have a second floor but it isn't in use. Stair up to that and make your sky base inside the roof of an already established building and keep a tight sheep rope regiment / rules and whallah, a base that is fairly safe in multiplayer.

Sky bases are cool but you can see them from a mile away, can only keep your stuff so safe but these days I don't think a skybase is that safe.

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Demolishing stairs is a legit strategy, and can still lead to your death if you don't have proper exits when a horde comes knocking.


Honestly, I'm hoping NPCs will somewhat be the solution to that. If not, then their really gonna have to make hordes migrate a lot more than they do now, as well as removing sky bridges and such.

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Smashing stairs is perfectly fine, same with building a base on stilts. It would be awesome if you needed a support within say 5 tiles of something in the air or if a pillar could only support a certain amount of weight.It would be kinda cheap, and not my cup of tea but still realistic.

A levitating fortress is lame though.

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