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Death & Decay - DARK TIMES - "Season 4 - 14-03-17" [Public-RP][ENG-ESP][PVP][24/7][Mods][Maps]

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Hi there survivors!

Death & Decay Season 3 is finally here.
Welcome to Winds of the North

Map revamp 07/07/15
Settings tweaked
And be ready for the cold!

3 New maps added! 

Kaputt, PA - TWDPrison - Downtown

12 Mods added!!

Vorpal Weapons - Second Hand Loot
Cremation - Silencer - Craftable Axes
Throwing Spears - Wooden Dowels - Open Can With Knife
Blind Trait Mod - Gunman Trait - Insect Gourmet - Cooking Trait

All this go along all the things we had last season bringing a total of...

25 Mods + 9 Maps

I hope You can survive the new features.

*R* Have fun and stay alive out there! 



We had an IP Change, to keep playing your same chars follow the instructions here http://deathanddecay.boards.net/thread/15/keep-char-alive-on-season


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Hi there survivors!

Zomboid update 35 is finally here.
And as promised, server is restarted
and we are going back to basics.


Vanilla Mode, No mods, No maps.

Server started 15/12/16

*R* Have fun and stay alive out there!

Old characters will have to be deleted, just delete the"CharName" Folder,
that you can find usually at c:/users/(Yourusername)/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer.

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Hi there survivors!

Season 4 is now ready for you 
to enjoy the Dark Times.

Server reset 14/03/16
New settings!

With the Maps:

New Denver, Bedford Falls, Phoenix,
Drayton, South Muldraugh, Louisiana,
Kaputt, TWDPrison, Downtown,
California, Ballincoolin, Limited Area
and Saint Lamb

And the Mods:

Hydrocraft, More Build, Wooden Dowels
Easy Access, Pump Power, Musical Instruments
The Real Age and Book Collection

*R* Have fun and hope to see you in this Dark Times! 

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