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Make sheet ropes out of ripped sheets (or even dirty ones!) + knotting skill


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The OP part is more of game mechanics, not crafting. If they make ropes more dangerous to use, I at least let's make them easier to craft to compensate. About tying, I think if you know how to make strong enough knots, you could possibly make a reliable rope out of small ripped sheets. It'd probably be pointless, but what about ' Knotting' skill? It could receive bonus from Former Scout, and could be used in things like making log walls (I really don't understand how you can tie four logs with four sheets and still can't make a rope out of 8...)

Edit: sorry for double post, my first one dissapeared and reappered for some reason

Edit#2: also, what about the durabillity of the rope depending on he maker's skill, as well as the chance of it falling down from untying depending on the 'person who tied it up to the window/fence''s skill?

Edit#3: also, rope durabillity over random chance of breaking. I just want to see it coming instead of falling into a horde or not by pure chance.

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