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8 Months Later Modified


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I would really like you to add a challenge mode.  Maybe use one of the multi-player maps to allow players to spawn in a looted busted out world.  The feeling of arriving in town and people had been there before you.  More dead zombies (crawlers?)  Loot found in burned out bases.  Buildings ransacked.  It would make the usual play through completely different.  No more running to a warehouse for an Axe.  You'd be lucky to find a hammer on the first day.  Good luck finding any kind of Backpack!


Just my two-cents,

Thanks for reading.

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I don't want to be that kind of guy who declines every suggestion with something that the developer have stated about. But.... along with the new builds the world will be changed, in a way you suggested. I don't know if burned buildings and such will be there, but definitely atlas more cracked open doors, smashed windows etc. 

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