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Suggestion - Pistol Magazine standalone loot drop

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So, I was scouring the common ideas that are either N,V, or M and I couldn't see this on there, nor the first 5 pages on the suggestions. So I thought I'd post it here.


What about pistol magazines as loot drops? post-7022-0-20971700-1437671812.png

I love to play the game with the reloading on hardcore. But I find it kind of annoying that the only way I can get more pistol magazines are by ejecting other pistol magazines. 


I know it's not a very big thing because it's limited to pistols, and only on normal/hardcore only but eh. I can see why it'd be kinda hard too as if they were available on "easy" reloading difficulty then that might cause some confusion. 


But for now, ideas?

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Yea you can make it possibly so on easy they dont spawn but for normal/hard make it so they spawn in certan area like normaly  were we can find guns/ammo

 I'm not sure how easy it'd be to code, nor if it'd impact saves with the reloading difficulty changes. I'd love it.



I like the idea. This would be cool if there would be also random number of bullets in the magazine (because it's the whole point in having magazines).


That would also be awesome! I'm guessing for safety regulations they probably won't be inside the clip in houses but I'm not sure on the firearms safety regulations of the state it's based in so yaknow. 


My main reasons for the magazines is that I can really only shoot 16 shots before needing to head somewhere safe to fully reload etc, so I started stocking up on magazines and having them all reloaded. 


I'm not sure if it automatically reloads the magazine with the most ammo in it or not though. That'd be pretty cool.

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