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Point and click game – “Where is my Family ?” date release


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Hello everyone,


Before,  sorry for my English…


I develop a point and click adventure game since a few months.


I have put a French demo version on my website and the opinions that I received from the players are very positive.


I continued the development and new playable demo with 4 pieces in multilingual (FR/UK) is now online on WIMFGAME.COM


So that the project can continue, because there is no game without players, can you, if you like my game, help me to make known my project and to share a maximum.  Thank you very much.


The project


The game is called "Where is my Family?".


The story you are going to live is that of a teenager, who after being scolded by his mother for a bad report, finds himself locked in his bedroom.


Meanwhile, his mother and his little brother, quietly in the living room, will be kidnapping and the kidnappers will demand of him, to find and deliver his father.


 The goal of the game will be to discover the reason of the kidnapping, why they want her father, and to deliver its family..


To arrive at the end, you will pass by 18 rooms (4 in demo version), and by various combined event of research, suspense and humour.


You meet several characters, of which certain paramount to arrive at the end of history.


Progress report

The introduction and the demo of the 4 first rooms are entirely playable.


Currently, here the progress report of the project:



Scenario: 100%

Music: 40%

Sound effects: 50%


ROOM 1 to 4:

Graphics: 100%

Animation: 100%

Actions: 100%

Interface: 100%

Cursors: 100%




Graphics: 100%

Animation: 50%

Actions: 20%

Interface: 100%

Cursors: 100%



ROOM 6 to 18:


Graphics: 100%

Animation: 20%

Actions: 5%

Interface: 100%

Cursors: 100%


Thank a lot and take pleasure to play this demo


Follow the project and download the demo on WIMFGAME.COM
Please share my project with the Facebook button “Share” on my Website and leave your opinion
My Facebook page 



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I have finish the MAC and LINUX adaptation of the demo game.


Demo of the 4 rooms available on WIMFGAME.COM (guaranteed virus-free files, scanned with Bitdefender).


A new room with strange atmosphere is almost finished. Soon visible on my site.


I wish you a good holiday.


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To improve the game immersion and for the best animation to the character, I have buy a base model that I reworked. Here is the final result of the character in several different types of emotions:

This character is fully animated with motion capture, which will in the near future a much smoother animation and facial expressions and transmit the emotions of the character.

The animation is done at home using Kinect 2, and the result, which will be published shortly, is much more natural than the figure currently included in the game.

Integration of the character and entertainment end of October.

Pictures and videos will enhance the site as and development.

Before starting the integration, I propose to the players to vote for the prefered character on my website http://wimfgame.com

New character :


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Hello everyone,


To end of the year broadcast a full game, and also to reward players motivated to test and advance the adventure, I propose a small contest, this only in a fun and profit sharing project without any financial interest. My wish is just to have more and more players and to reward you for your sharing.


The principle is simple. In the demo of the game, free download http://WIMFGAME.COM you will find an object that will give you the solution to the enigma. The competition begins this 08/14/2015 and ends on 30/09/2015 at 22:00.


People who found the solution to the enigma will have to go to my website WIMFGAME, click CONTEST and fill the form with their response.


After the contest, the right answers will be drawn to give a chance to everyone to win gifts.


1 draw will take place 01/10 for the jackpot (Logitech G302 Gaming Mouse Daedalus premium) and 4 other draws for four new rechargeable USB battery backup for recharging mobile phones and tablet everywhere. (1 battery per winner).


To show that the winners will be drawn, the draw will be broadcast live on the draw wimfgame.com and video will be posted also on site at the 01/10


Winners will be notified by email.


The contest rules are available on my website.


Thank you to all if you want to share my project.



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News of the project :


•             A new version for the demo (v1.04) is online. It contains the following changes


Corrections :


-              Objects caught in the inventory are now tied mouse cursor as the player has not used the right click or that the action was not successful.

-              Toggle effect between toolbar and inventory fixed.

-              Optimized variables, reducing the processors calculations.


Evolutions :


-              Capacity increased inventory.

-              Removing the inventory navigation arrows.


•             New photo and video of new room , online on http://wimfgame.com

•             Website completely redone, with more content.

 •            For questions or problems with the game, I put on the site an online discussion system.


Since the last update, I received via forums and email, a lot of feedback players on the project.


In summary, here's what comes out.


-              The main character, currently included in the demo, collected 58.33% of votes.

-              The second character, not included, collected 41.67%.


Since there are many views, it was decided to keep the two characters. The choice between the two will be included at the beginning of the game.


-              2 versions of the game will be available (after a personal choice as well as the opinions and feedback of players)


o             1 free version, which will include :


             The full story

             The character currently in the demo

             18 rooms


o             1 paid version, which will include in addition to the free version:


             The second character, selectable at the start of play

             4 additional rooms

             2 different end

             Interaction between the character of the game and the player via email (the character of the game will communicate with the player by email)

             Goodies (still to be defined)


o             A crowdfunding campaign will be launched shortly. This version will be launched only if the campaign succeeds.


o             The free version will be launched end December 2015.


Finally, do not forget the online contest, which ends on 30/09.

And especially thank you to all.






Demo available on WIMFGAME.COM

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Having too many bugs with the current interface, I decided, after receiving notice of many players, creating a more friendly interface. 


It finalized and being tested before publication! 


I have deleted the long left-clicking, multiple ways of acting and combining interfaces, which return objects in the inventory without action've accomplished, names of objects or action remaining hanging on the cursor despite the change of environment or objects in hand. 


A single interface has now been developed. Now, the system is much simpler and is finally stable. 


In summary : 


-The Overview of the object with the mouse cursor shows the name of the object and the possible action at the time of rollover. A left click valid action. 

- A right click on the object activates its review or just loose the object if it is in hand. 


The type of action when mouseover may change depending on what the player has done such actions on it. These changes impact on stability make the gameplay much better, both in the environment than in the inventory From this change, when you now have an inventory item in hand, it remains active as long as you did not click with the right button to let go, or that the action was successful and that the object is no longer available.


Concerning the evolution of the final version, all the parts is over 80%. Small delay due to the embedding of the voices. I try to respect the exit end of this year or early 2016.


Thank you all



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  • 2 weeks later...

New update (version 1.05) of the “Where is my Family” demo, online at:  http://wimfgame.com     (same room numbers than 1.04 but many changes and patches).

Thank you to those who have "drooled" before the images of the new intro. They'll be happy. The new intro is over and included in this new version.

Contents of the new version 1.05

News :
1.  Tutorial at launch (with turn-off in the main menu)
Percentage of progress of the game in the option menu (allows you to see the percentage of your progress in the demo)

Modifications :
1.  New mouse interface, facilitating interactions with objects and environment.
2.  Intro completely redone and texts adapted and corrected.
3.  The mouse icons have improved and more numerous (now the cursor is automatically adjusted according to the type of action (in previous versions, to open a door, turn on or off a lamp, open a drawer, still using the cursor "use" that was displayed. now each action to its dedicated icon (open door, switch light, open drawer, pet the dog, etc ...).
4.  Help Page redone, now contains more graphics and less text.
5.  Modified random Answers (now correspond better to the game when the player makes a wrong action).

Corrections :
1.  Items taken in inventory are now hanging on the mouse as a useful action was not executed.
2.  Fixed bug on the door of the hall (the object remains in hand now active when flying over the area of the door).
3.  Fixed when the player picks up the fuses. (Now, only the fuses are added to the inventory, unlike the old version where they disappeared randomly).
4.  Fixed the volume setting in the options menu.

Optimization :

  1. Better compression of the game elements to reduce the 100 MB demo.

I continue the development of the final version.

Work in progress:

- Modelling of the last pieces.

- Test of raw voice. The result beyond my expectations!

Have fun with this new version

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Since the new character and voice on my website alot returns are mostly positive. With the good reviews that I received, I fixed this release.


I lost about one month to redo the new character animations, the release date will be postponed to the first quarter 2016. The final date will be announced in January. I hope you understand this report, which will have a better game.


All the puzzles are completed, which allowed me to add a few pieces playable and change the scenario a bit to have several additional events in the adventure. The game contains 36 playable rooms.


After reading the final script to many people, and with good advice received, the scenario is fixed and validated.


Here's the latest on the progress of the game:




o Screen of GSM interface, replaced for the possibility to calling with GSM directly in the room This includes a new system of dialogue, and a new animation during a GSM call.






o The position of the dialogues is now fixed at a single location, thus facilitating the reading of texts.

o Positions of the characters animations is synchronized ( correcting bad transition between differents animation).

o Intro in BD Intro,  with more action, including video effects.

o Possibility to skip intro and tutorial with ESCAPE key.




o The button battery has been replaced by a AA battery.

o Fixed the position of the volume control sliders.

o The English translation corrected with a good English (only in final version).


Latest :


o Animation when combining 2 objects.

o Added many animations related to the action of the character

o Added many animations when the player does not react.

o The French voice have ended for the first piece, voices from other rooms are being records.

o Subtitles can now be enabled or disabled in options menu.

o Adding the voice volume control.

o Added the choice of full screen or windowed.

o Now that everything is set, and that nothing will change, I can officially announce that contain the 2 versions:


The free version will contain:


- 16 different environments.

- 36 playable rooms.

- Approximately 270 clickable or usable objects (in inventory or in rooms)

- French Voice over all the characters, activated subtitles in French or English.


If I reach the goal of my future crowdfunding campaign, The paid version will be available with the addition of free content:


- Android and Ios version

- Goodies:

       • - Soundtracks

       • - Artbooks

       • - Vidéo Tutorial in french (subtitled in English)  of the room 1 : " How to create a fully playable game (room 1) " (From the sketch of the scene until we get to the full playable part, through modeling the room, objects, inserting the Visionaire Studio game engine, action planning, and integration of music and voices).


New demo with lot of improvement coming soon.


For a little help, thank you for sharing the project.



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

The new demo of my adventure game point and click "Where is my Family? " is online. Thank you to read the following improvements before the download.

The new demo contains the same number of rooms as the previous version but included many improvements, with among others:


  • New youngest character, more suited to the history, replicas and voice
  • New character animations
  • Intro HD
  • Voices of all the characters in full French (subtitles English and French)
  • Integration of a musical composition, extracted from the theme of the final version.
  • Ambient sounds and new sound effects
  • Dialogue mobile phone (now the character takes and picks up his mobile and has an animation during the dialogue)
  • SMS reception on the mobile phone of the main character.
  • Enabling / Disabling the game's music with objects in the room (eg : a radio).
  • Full screen mode or windowed
  • dynamic volume (music decreases during the dialogues)
  • Adding a road map for moving the character in the city (the places on the map are added to as and when the character progression). The demo shows the first map displayed but places will be available in the final version
  • And many more to discover

As many fixes, including: (partial list)


  • Position of all texts unified and dynamic if the inventory is opened.
  • Battery "CR" replaced by a AA battery
  • French spelling and grammar revised and corrected
  • Animation of opening drawers corrected
  • Animation of the action of taking the little robot corrected
  • Screen vibration during the dialogue in front of the shelf corrected
  • Screen « End of demo » modified
  • Possibility to skip intro by pressing ESCAPE

Note that the grammar and spelling of English texts will be corrected by a professional in the final version.

And to respond to various requests, here is information about the release of the final version:

Release date:

  • Having the majority of the items to complete the game (estimated at 90% of the content), the release of the final version will be effective from early April to late May 2016. A more specific date will be announced once finalized will be sufficiently advanced. Before, I will launch a crowdfunding campaign that I hope will be well shared;). I will announce the campaign here and on my website

The final content:

The free version :


  • Full story
  • 16 different environments
  • 36 playable rooms
  • More than 270 interactive objects
  • Thematic music.
  • French voice of the main character, subtitles can be activated in French and English. The other characters only subtitled
  • Version Windows, Linux and Mac

The commercial version:

  • Full story with several twists situations. with more intrigue and lengthening history.
  • 16 different environments
  • 36 playable rooms
  • More than 270 interactive objects
  • Thematic music.
  • French voice on all the characters, subtitles can be activated in French and English.
  • Version Windows, Linux,Mac and mobile (Android & Ios)
  • Several mini-games during the game (can be disabled in the menu)
  • French tutorial, subtitled English, to teach you to create an adventure game A to Z (since the writing of history and puzzles, through modeling scenes, integration in the engine Visionaire game studio, mixing and overlay of voices and music, coding and compiling the final game installation file) + 30 days of free assistance on the tutorial.
  • Original soundtrack in digital format
  • Artbooks


Good luck in all and thank you in advance if you speak about the game to your friends

demo download link:

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  • 2 months later...

My Kickstarter is launched. If you like my project, I invite you to visit my page Kickstarter




ksforum.jpgI remember the story:


Ben, 12 year old, comes home after school to school. Because of its poor performance in school, his mom locks him for the rest of the day in his room.


Hours later, when everything is quiet in the house, an intruder breaks into the house and kidnapped his mother and little brother.


Locked in his room, Ben can not help them


What to do ? Call the police? Call his dad


Adventurous and full of courage, he decided to find and discover the cause of their kidnapping


Help Ben to find his missing family and discover with him the reason for the kidnapping in a captivating adventure.


Thank you all for your participation or sharing






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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Hello everyone

I am happy this morning because my new Kickstarter campaign has been accepted and is launched.

I canceled the old campaign for a simple and obvious reason. The amount for your contributions and the price of the game were far too high.

So I just launch a new campaign, with rewards update and reduced amounts for each contribution.

I also managed to find other suppliers to the amount necessary for me to release the game to be lower.

The rewards are more accessible for everyone and the game is now included from 10 euros.

I continue to improve the game and, after more than 15 months of work, I want to distribute the final version but I need you to do it.

The scenario promises many surprises and you will spend many hours to discover the adventure of Ben, little awkward boy trying to find his parents disappeared. With a capricious nature, it will not make your life easy.

And finally, I would like to propose a game for all age groups, with no trace of violence or vulgarity and entirely in French.


Anglophones are still not forgotten because the game is subtitled in English, the translation will be corrected by professionals, and if the third goal of the campaign is reached, the English voice will be available.


Has consumed without moderation :)


The number of fan are increasing day by day, my motivation is high

I let you discover my new kickstarter page



Thank you all for your support.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Several people have asked me about the content of the game and focus on the age group allowed to play.

Although the scenario seems tragic, the game contains no violence, and is for all ages. the script contains a lot of humor and is "safe" to do no shock people and to allow everyone to have fun for many hours. game guaranteed without violence!

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Important decision about my point and click "Where is my family"


About me : My name is Joel Keutgen, passionate of computers and point and click games since I was 15y (I'm now 44). I started alone this project, helped by various people for music, voice and sound effects. The project's success will increase my motivation. You offer the full game filled me with joy. My wish is to share my improvements on the game and give you lots of fun with this game.


Until today, it was planned commercialization of the game and win a crownfunding campaign to help me improve it and market the game.

But after several sleepless nights have thought, and after receiving the advice of professionals, I decided:


  • Do not worry, I continue the development of the game.
  • The improvements are all valid and the final version will contain important improvements, both in the entertainment and the content in general.
  • I will continue to inform you of the development. I invite you to subscribe to my website http://wimfgame.com or my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/wimfgames/


Finally, nothing changes except that:


  • A team will be created, with a real structure that will allow us to offer new games, with better quality.
  • "Where is my family" will be available free on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • A second game  is already in preparation.


To enable me to achieve all that, I have created a donation system on my website for support me, help to finalize this game and allow our future team to create other games.


And also help us, thank you all to share this information;)


Thank you all to follow me for so long.


Soon for further information about the Dev and the release of the game :)



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  • 2 weeks later...

Since July 1, the new demo is available. Here are new compared to the old version:

- Character improved, better integrated with sets of the game.
- New character animations.
- Adding facial animations.
- Ben's house was the only place in the playable old demo version (1.06). The new demo now included 3 different locations (5 additional playable rooms). Now a total of 9 playable locations. The final version will exceed 40 rooms.
- New start and options menu.

Corrections :

- Savegame problem fixed.
- Size of graphics and animations optimized.
- Various pathfinding problems solved.
- Exit icon in the examination of objects completely redone.
- Set of bug fixes

The free game is scheduled for September 2016.

Demo available on http://wimfgame.com



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