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[Suggestion] Let's Make Modding Easier!

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1: Give Recipes IDs


Why? Because replacing a vanilla recipe is impossible without replacing the entire recipes.txt file. Let's say I change the functionality of a Base item like the Count value of Nails, it will break the recipe of Open Box of Nails by giving too much or too little and the only way to make it work right would be to replace the entire recipes file.

Not to mention being able to make make some recipes NeedToLearn in a mod or removing that restriction would be nice.

Or there are many cases where I would like to add some OnCreate lua functionality to base recipes and I can't because I won't make mods that replace base game's files.

Recipes Displayed Name could be defined by DisplayName = Make Stuff, like it is for items.

2: Add a Type = xxxx, for items.


What? Type = ExampleType, where ExampleType would be used in recipes and .lua it would help streamline some recipes and add many variants of the same item, with the same functionality without the need to make a ton of recipes. Like an alternative for nails that doesn't require modding or remaking the entire Build menu lua code.


3: New Category: Drinks


What? Why? A combo between Food and Drainable, items like that would have a straight up UseDelta instead of using Hunger value as UseDelta, would make using liquids more straightforward in recipes as well as being able to remove the Hunger buff from them which doesn't make sense anyway and keep the other stuff. Drinking All\1/2\1/4 would just use 1 0.5 or 0.25 of it, regardless of UseDelta value while recipes would use them up like regular UseDelta.

4: ReplaceOnRot or ReplaceOnAge = X


Why? Because it would be nice to have a way to turn some items into different items after they rot or if some item passes (Items Age reaches a certain level) I believe HydromancerX once suggested something like this with the idea of turning a living Rabbit into a Dead Rabbit

Or just make something through crafting that you then have to leave be so you can get the final product like, idk, various alcoholic beverages.

5: ReplaceOnBreak and DestroyOnBreak


Why? Because some weapons can't be repaired and just remain broken forever while they could be simply removed or replaced by some base material after they break (Eg. get a stone after your stone hammer breaks)


6: RottenHunger, RottenThirst, RottenUnhappines, RottenPoisonPower etc.


Having a way to control the item's base stats after it rots would be cool, or making them poisonous over time, yeah.


7: EffectiveOver and EffectiveAfter


Why? Because it would enable creation of edible stuff (or simple medicine) where the Hunger, Happiness, Boredom effects are applied over a certain amount of time (Preferably In-Game Hours) and\or after a certain time has passed.


8: RottenNamePrefix


Why? Because imagine Molten Icecream done in a simple way without tooling around with temperature.

9: AlcoholPower stat that affects how quickly the given drink get's the character drunk.


Because all it does is effect how effective it is as a disinfectant. Or it could be used make an item that reduces drunknes (Realism be damned)


Edit: 10: Renameable = True\False


Why? Why not? Add it to any item to give players an option to name their favorite plushie or weapon, for fun and roleplaying. It's one option I really wish I had sometimes.



I believe having those would make things a lot easier for modders as well as open the possibility for them to create some really fun mods without having to know .lua much.

And I think it would add some neat functionality to the game itself.

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For some of the issues regarding rotten/broken items, it may be, but I could be wrong, that you could accomplish it with relatively simple lua scripts. But regardless, a simpler way would be nice.

I'd really like to see an update dedicated to exclusively modding features at some point in the near future.

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For some of the issues regarding rotten/broken items, it may be, but I could be wrong, that you could accomplish it with relatively simple lua scripts. But regardless, a simpler way would be nice.

Yeah, It's all about having a simple way to do things, the game updates those items when they rot\break anyway so it might as well be able to do something else with them other than just adding a Rotten\Broken prefix and changing their stats in a fixed way (Which can be manipulated through .lua too)


Hell, other than Recipe IDs all of the stuff can be done with .lua in one way or another but why write tons and tons of various .lua scripts for each item when you could have it all easily customizable with something as simple as item\recipe script.


A whole lot of things could be done with items if we had those additional option, very easily and quickly (Like meds, what sleeping pills do is have sleep moodle modifier applied after some time over some time, and it's hardcoded ._.). And if recipes had IDs a modder could change how base items work without worrying about breaking recipes as he could change those too, or disable them entirely, which I'd love to be able to do but like I said, having a mod that overwrites any game file is a Big NoNo for me.


Mostly it would also allow people who have an aversion to coding to create some fun mods as a whole lot of great things can be done by simply adding items.

I also added one more thing that could be added to item scripts to OP.

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11: HideEffects - True/False


If the item has Hunger/Boredom/Etc. effects, if true, it hides them from UI so the player cannot tell that it will have the given effect. An additional option like "AlwaysShowPoisonPower" which shows Poison to all players would be nice.


12: For Recipes - Result: NONE


Why do recipes need results? Removing that would be a really simple way to create a Use for an item which isn't built in, just calls a script, item goes away (Or it's UseDelta goes down), effects happen.

That being said, if there isn't one already, a Way to Hide a recipe from Crafting UI would be nice to have along with the above.

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