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[ZomboidXBow] Update: 1.1.3 - Bugfix/Balancing

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Hey fellow zomboiders,

This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties.
All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows.

As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enough to get your hands on a Repeater Crossbow with Aluminum Bolts ...

Quick Features

Supports Single Player and Multiplayer



  • Retrieve your bolts from zombie corpses. They might however break on impact
  • Craft, carry and reload from a Bolt Quiver which adds an addtional bag slot
  • Crossbows can break at any time. Your Carpentry and Electrician skill levels determine how likely it is to happen
  • All crossbows support all ammo types
  • Easily switch between ammo types by using the context menu



Crossbows behave like all existing weapons: Aiming and Reloading will increase your skill level which in turn affects your chance to hit and your reload speed.

Wooden Crossbow
A simple crossbow

Heavy Crossbow
Requires Carpentry 3
Strong crossbow that can hit up to two targets

Repeater Crossbow
Requires Carpentry 5 
Powerful crossbow that can fire up to 10 bolts in rapid succession and hit up to two targets per shoot


All bolts can be fired with any crossbow. Just have a crossbow equipped as primary, right click your desired bolt in your inventory load or set as default.

Wooden Bolt
Simple Bolt with high chance to break

Aluminum Bolt
Piercing - Allows you to hit one additional target with your crossbow.

Fire Bolt
Target has a 90% chance to be lit on fire. Most fun but most dangerous bolt with unpredictable outcome especially on IWBUMS branch. Don't use indoors!


  • 3DModels
  • 32.16

Download latest version

Installation Instructions

All Items, Recipes and Documentation

Known issues:

  • All crossbows use the same 3DModel and Icon
  • Crossbow 3DModel not 100% aligned


  • Test in MP
  • Learn recipes through Books instead of hard skill requirements
  • LOTS of balancing and tuning
  • Better icons/models
  • Attachments
  • More ammunition types
  • Misc stuff around crossbows




If you like this mod (or even if you don't) I'm happy to get your feedback, bug reports and improvement suggestions.

I want this to be a balanced mod and I can only get there with the help of you guys :)


Credit to

Jab for his import/export script for 3D Models which works flawlessy and his ModelLoader
Fuji for his pioneer work on how to get custom 3D Model into the game and basically giving me the chance to write the mod I                 wanted to write ever since I bought this game

WolfClaw for his excellent 3DModel tutorial
ORMtnMan and his Real Guns mod gun modding reference


Livio Persemprio for testing and feedback which is so important for balancing

Thanks guys!

I hope you enjoy this mod, many survivors perished and half of Westpoint burned down during its creation :)

Edited by lorneagle

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This has to be implemented in the base game XD

there are so many new custom weapons that have to be implemented but this is one of the most vital, I loved the work I will be pending and future updates will pray for developers implement it in the game, good job.  (fedora)

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What does crossbowing have to do with electricians? I'm year two of EL-school and we have never discussed crossbows.



Yeah, so when I started I somehow thought there was an Engineering skill, I noticed there wasn't so I switched to Electrician, but I will fix this in the next version :)



If you want to skip having to modify your java files directly and conflict with other model mods, feel free to check out my tool to extend loading models to lua. (Build 32 IWBUMS). 




Absolutely, I saw this and planned to switch over to it as soon as possible. Thanks man awesome work.

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When you shoot with the crossbow does it attract hordes like with guns... because I've tried the tommygunsmod crossbows and they make gun sounds and the resulting horde isn't manageable... ??


No, Crossbows make a sound but it is not like firing a gun, so you won't have zombie swarming in on you from all directions. 

In the beginning with low Aiming skill your range will be very limited, so when you attack a zombie in a group you will attract the group. 

Later with higher Aiming and increased range you can do silent take downs of single zombies like Snake :)

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tried this and it was awesome :D, could only make the wooden bow though, my carpentry's 9 and electrician 0 and had all materials in inventory. 


I'm happy it worked, make sure you stand next to a burning camp fire to build Heavy and Repeater Crossbow...Repeater needs Electrician 1 for absolutely no reason :)

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My experience was that only once you have enough Aim the crossbows really start to shine.
If they are too strong I'll have to balance them.
Do you think it is too easy to get a good supply of wooden bolts?
If so I could either increase the break chance on impact or modify the recipe to require chipped stones as bolt tip or maybe glue to attach the feathers?

Balancing feedback is extremely encouraged


Edit: Crossbows shouldn't be invisible. Either you don't have 3DModels activated or you didn't follow the steps outlne in README.txt :)





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oh, thanks! got it now, so epic haha. also, are the invisible crossbows able to shoot crawlers? I tried and got bitten lolz...


As one of the Betatesters I tested this szenario:
the weapon aim of the XBow works like any other ranged weapon aim:
It aims at a crawler if no other zombie is standing near it but prioritizes walkers if present - even if the crawler is closer to the player.
I experienced the same behaviour when using pistols/shotguns.


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awesome mod, i've tried it earlier and it works great, but somehow i'm stuck with the invisible crossbow, i set 3d models to all, i activated 3d model for corpses because you never know and i followed every step of the readme


Hey, I'm glad you like the mod. The README might be a bit confusing so just to make sure

When you open the zip file you see a zombie directory in /ZomboidXBow/ProjectZomboid. You copy the zombie directory into you Project Zomboid installation directory and it will ask you to replace 13 files and you said 'yes'?


If you want to repeat this step: Right click your game in the Steam library, got to Properties, click Local Files, and Verify Integrity of game cache. This will restore the game to its original state (mod is still installed you just have to copy over the zombie directory again)



If the problem persists it would be great if you could post the last ~ 100 lines of logs here after you enter the game world with your character.

Also make sure you are on build 32 (IWBUMS)


Note: I will be pushing an update, hopefully later tonight, when Jab updated his Modloader.

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yes i did exactly like that, and also i'm playing on the latest update, the 32.9
i saw on jab's thread that another guy on another mod have the same issue with another mod, maybe something in the latest update broke the mod graphically, i can't tell.
ehm... where do i find the log? first time ever i try a mod on this game and i'd love to help somehow

edit: i really think the issue is just base game-related, on his mod jab wrote this right now

Invisible weapons means that the mod simply isn't performing the task due to conflicts because the version of the modified portions are wrong."
wich makes me pretty happy due to the fact that we're almost out of the iwbums thing, we'll be able to get over this issue for good soon ^^

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Yeah he might be right. I didn't get to test on 32.9 yesterday. 


I'll be pushing an update later tonight which will hopefully include Jabs updated modloader and a potential workaround for the modloader as well as, hopefully, make it fully Multiplayer compatible :)


The log I was referring to is printed in that little windows command window that is started when you launch the game, but hold off on posting that for now :)

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Hello !


Good mod ! I like the new weapon and the arrows that you can craft them !

Did you will add bows that we can craft ?

i'd love bows too but if you check you can see that the crossbow uses the knife animation/pose and it fits perfectly

i don't think there is a pose/animation that would work with bows atm, i'm not 100% sure though

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awesome news :D may i suggest poisoned arrows for multiplayer? it would work only with poison berries though, bleach isn't strong enough to do anything worst than the arrow itself.

i'll post some feedbacks about arrows quantity balance and stuff as soon as i can :)


That would be awesome. I'd love to get some balancing feedback.


Poison arrows is a great idea for multiplayer, but of course it would have to come with the proper antidote ;). I will add it to the list.




Good mod ! I like the new weapon and the arrows that you can craft them !

Did you will add bows that we can craft ?


Livio is right, I'm currently sticking with the crossbow theme because the animation works. I am planning to get more content into the mod over time, like more bolt types and attachments that modify weapons behaviour.


I'd love to stick a hunting knife on the crossbow for a cool finish move if a zombie comes too close :D

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Still working on multiplayer. There is just one issue left to fix.


But if you update to Jabs new 32.9 ModelLoader version crossbows should be visible again. (Haven't tested it myself yet)


Trying to finish up MP and release new version tomorrow.

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i'm trying the modloader update
the xbow is still invisible :(
i just overwrited the modloader with the new version, should i do anything different?
about balancing i think that some people may want to start with the xbow so that they can use it as a main weapon
i scavenged a bit to get resources and the hardest thing required is surely that damn saw
i suggest if you can to mod the starting kit in sandbox to add a saw and maybe remove something to balance, like the bat or dunno ( i tried sandbox no zombies, everything abundant and lucky trait and still i needed 2 ig days, 30 irl minutes a day, to find a saw).
another thing is i suggest to be able to build quivers with suture needles too since they work exactly like normal needles and they're both pretty rare.
a small detail that i noticed is that shooting the crossbows produces lights at night, i wonder if that may attract zeds, if not then it's not a deal at all to me :)
also somehow i couldn't craft sturdy sticks in the inventory, i had to rely on the crafting ui, can't tell if it's a vanilla bug or a mod bug, still not a real deal

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Hey Livio, 

Thanks for the feedback. Two ig days to find a saw is not too bad, after all it should be a bit of a challenge to operate a crossbow, especially in the beginning.


I noticed the muzzle flash too, but there is currently nothing I can do about it because it is a side effect of using the item type firearm.


I however have not notice any extra attention by Zeds because of this......it is however a bit annoying and I will look into it.


I send you a PM to resolve your invisible crossbow issue. 

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