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New Trailer, Maybe?


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 Greetings, Devs! I absolutely love this game, and want to support it as much as I can. This being said, when I was considering purchasing this game, the game's existing trailer did more to push me away than convince me to buy the game(after seeing gameplay, I decided to buy). It just seemed a little dry, and put together at a moments notice. I would like to make you new trailer. An Epic trailer depicting the games true nature and awesomeness. I have some very experienced friends who would be willing to aid me in this endeavor, and I feel that you could benefit greatly from it.


 Hope to hear back, and know that I will continue to love and support this game no matter what!


Willing to do whatever(Within reason),

badsanta211  (tophat)

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the current Steam trailer is actually pretty new, made by a youtuber named Matthas.


but as stuff gets added with each build, it is hard to keep teaser trailers up to date for each new build

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