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I think the idea of a special blend of zombies, or having the option, would add surprise and jump scares and give all zombies a bit more of a unique personality - even if its randomly generated.


Each zombie on the map would have a randomly generated set of variables set to them from the drop-down list when editing zombies. Some will have bloodhound in terms of smell, while others would have normal or very weak smell - others would be fast shambles while a small group could be sprinters. (for lag/management reasons) 


I believe this would add variety, make scenes and encounters more dramatic, movie-feel, and more surprising as you won't really know WHAT you might encounter other than zombies afoot.


I believe this is also easy and quick to implement since it's just randomizing the zombie's stats to create a mixed bag of different "unique" zombies.


Tell me whatcha think, or just "like" this post. Even if it doesn't get added, would like to see if the community thinks its a good idea regardless. :)

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There's currently some level of randomness already, with some being faster/sturdier than others. I thought it would be more appropriate to have all the zombies "evolve" over time. You start the game with a few mean, fast zombies (freshly turned), a few weeks into the game they start slowing down, then a few weeks later new fast zombies start spawning (As society collapses outside the quarantine zone and more freshly turned zombies start coming in from off-map), but 6 months into the game they'd all be slow and weak, but much more numerous. It would create different challenges as the game progress: fight the few fast zombies early, and then hide from the big and slow hordes. This would simulate zombie decomposition and self-inflicted damage from having no sense of self-preservation while maintaining challenge throughout the game by virtue of their numbers.

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