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Maybe instead of gaining experience for sprinting when your character reaches max speed/slows down from sprinting, make it so you get a very minute amount for each step (say around 10-25 steps=1 exp for sprinting). Any title with a colon after is an idea for a listed trait/job/skill. It was a bait. There were 12 ideas in the title, but 17 now that I recount. *sighs* hey, why do I only have 3 bullets for my 9mm pistol?

+17 Ideas:

  • Flowing Motion: Moving will gradually accelerate your speed (say +1% exponentially, up to a max of 110%-125%)
  • Jogger: Removes your ability to sprint but, instead gain a movement speed bonus to your walk, that is the same volume (how loud the sound is) as walking normally would (great for sneaking around)[ maybe just make it so it gives you fitness +1 or something]
  • Monkey Run: "Sprint" while sneaking (very tiring)
  • Bum Knee: Sneaking is much slower and nimble has less of a benefit (between 10%-25% would be fine)
  • Tunnel Runner: Moving in a straight line increases your speed significantly, but reduces your peripheral vision and turning speed (until you slow down)
  • Explosive Acceleration: Reach max speed much quicker (15%-35%) when sprinting
  • Trainable strength/fitness?
  • Rename fitness to Cardio?
  • Character sweating while exhausted
  • Sweat Hog: You get much more sweaty than average, as a result, zombies can smell you when you reach any level of exertion
  • Efficient Sweat: (dat name lel) while exerted, your sweat will cool you off much faster
  • Stiff Leg(s): While sneaking, you are unable to move (this would have to give at least +12 trait points)
  • Quiet Runner: Walking and sprinting have the same volume
  • Running Start: Charge into zombies with a melee attack to almost guarantee to knock them down and have an increased chance to kill them (or maybe just more damage
  • Soft Landing: Reduces the chance of injury when "falling" out of a window
  • Landing Roll: Falls from 1 floor will not result in injury, but slight damage to you directly
  • Mantle Woman/Man: Automatically mantle any waist high object (or maybe just increase the speed of it

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