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HTML5 Game Engines in JavaScript


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Hey guys,


This is a bit of a Work In Progress right now, but now there's a few posts up in the series, I'm open for critique.

From the 5th post onwards, I'm trying a slightly different format based on feedback I received from the first 4 entries. There's more snippets of functioning code, complete working code at the end of it (also available to grab on GitHub), and a few more fully interactive demonstrations where applicable.


Realmscape HTML5 Game Engines in JavaScript Blog Series


Briefly: This is a blog series I've started on the components of a Game Engine, based around actually making an engine of your own in JavaScript. It was originally going to be written alongside a refactor of our near feature-complete engine, but has since taken a turn to cover things slowly and a little more thoroughly.

The examples are in JavaScript, because it is reasonably close (complexity-wise) to pseudo-code, and will run on anything with a web browser. It's easy to learn, easy to translate from, and does not under-perform too badly on a range of devices.


I'll update this post with new content, as I remember, and turn this into something a bit more legible when I get time.


Current posts: (in order)

Planned posts: (vaguely ordered)

These will happen eventually, but after some feedback from JavaScript novices I'm taking it a bit slower than previously anticipated.

  • The Basics: Handling User Input
  • Service Locator
  • The Basics: Asset Loading
  • Rendering: Text
  • Basic Entities: Structure
  • Prototype: The Engine So Far
  • Rendering: 2D
  • Rendering: 3D
  • AI: Finite State Machines
  • AI: Behaviour Trees
  • AI: Pathfinding
  • Physics & Collisions
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