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Half floors, climbable crates (or destroyable!)


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Because all it takes for an unpenetrateable base is a house and a box of nails... Also, I guess it'd be cool for some houses to have a porch. But that idea is probably unachievable... How does that sound, anyway?

Edit: or tleast zombies destroying crates, they seem to be undestructible as of now, but player manages to climb through a window with crates on both sides anyway... maybe should have posted the latter in bugs section :P

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i am mixed about this. depending on the lore you look at zombies are ether smart or stupid. the original zombies actually had some smarts (not a lot) they were able to open doors and use tools. then there's some lore where there really isn't much between their ears and all they can do is walk, eat, moan, repeat.


i think single half layer objects anything should be able to climb over (boxes, chairs, table, bar, exet) but if you start stacking those objects i think players should be able to climb them but zombies shouldn't. in this game zombies seem to be on the more stupid side where all they want is food and take the most direct path to it (forward). if somthing gets in thier way they start breaking it like doors and windows. they seem to be able to climb over small fences and through windows just fine so keeping them climbing over short stuff seems ok

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i dont know if the ai know how is all im saying


1. zombie stands at grid 0:0:0


2.zombie wishes to move to grid 1:0:0


3.ai check to see if the edge between 0:0:0 and 1:0:0 is blocked (a wall, a door, or window)

  • if not it moves to check 4.
  • if blocked it begins to whack the obstruction

4. ai checks to see if a object is in grid 1:0:0

  • if not it moves into grid 1:0:0
  • else move to step 5. 

5.(what i think you are asking) ai checks to see if it can move into grid 1:0:1(space above object)

  • if it can it makes checks 3-4 then moves to grid 1:0:1 if it can
  • if it cant move to step 6.


6.(what else i think you are asking and i don't know if the ai does) ai checks to see if it can destroy object.

  • if it can it begins to smash said object
  • if it cant it attempts to move to grid 0:1:0 then does checks 3-6

this is pure speculation i haven't looked at the ai code and wouldn't know what i was looking at due to inexperience. but from what i know this is how i would probably (very poorly) write out the "if" statements. and actually in code not just writing it out so every one can read it lol.


i am all for the zombies doing what you ask i think this is great if a zombie sees you they should ether take the easiest route or make one. 

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