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Handle a Vector2


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I have a problem handling the "player:getAngle()"-function,


print(player:getAngle() ) shows a string like:

Vector2 (X: 0,000000, Y: -1,000000) (L: 1,000000, D:3,141593)


Can anyone tell me how I get D (the direction of the Vector2) ?



To be honest, before build 32, I was able to get this string with player:getAngle():toString() and then just extracted the value of D out of the string.


But now with build 32 this is not working any more.

Seens like toString() doesn't exist in this function/method/... any more.


I am stuck at this point.


Some help would be nice... (Thanks)

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toString should work for anything going through java/kahlua, but as far as I know, it should be toString(player.getAngle())

Edit: Apparently toString is a native lua method, but its still used the same way.

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:D :D :D  Thanks a lot, EasyPickins :D :D :D




But how can I grab the direction D then?

player:getAngle():getD() ?


If someone knows, please tell me.

Otherwise i will have to test and find out on my own...

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