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Zombie Respawning

The zombie-respawning system was rewritten.  This picture shows a part of West Point.  Each large rectangle is one cell (300x300 tiles).  The small rectangle is the loaded part of the map around the player.  Each red dot is one zombie.  The yellow dots are the "real" zombies in the loaded part of the map.  In the top-left corner of each cell you can see the number of zombies in that cell followed by the number of zombies there were when the game first started (the desired population).  The third number is how many hours before new zombies can spawn.




The sandbox option "Zombies Respawn Interval" controls how often zombies respawn.  Zombies will respawn only when the current population in a cell is lower than the desired population.  In mutiplayer, the HoursForZombiesRespawn server option is used instead.  In survival mode this is set to "Every Day".


The sandbox option "Zombies Respawn Percent" controls how many zombies respawn each interval.  This is the percent of the desired population that is added each interval.  In multiplayer, the ZombiesRespawnPercent server option is used instead.  In survival mode this is set to "10 percent".


Zombies won't respawn in loaded parts of the map.  This is to avoid zombies popping up in front of the player.  They also won't spawn in any part of the map that was loaded within the last hour of game time.


Zombies should never respawn in any buildings or fenced-off areas.  The game checks if there is a clear path from one randomly-chosen square on the edge of the world to the place it wants to place new zombies.  If a path can't be found, then no zombies will be spawned in that part of the map.

  • 2 new professions: Electrician (can operate generators and create electronics device for traps) and Engineer (can create traps/explosive)
  • Added generators:
    • You can find them in shed/generator, you can then take them and drag them near a house.
    • You need to be an electrician or found the recipe book to use them.
    • Once placed near a house, it doesn't work with player made safehouse yet, right click and plug it.
    • You can now add fuel in them and then turn them on. It now provide electricity to surrounding area.
    • The generator will deplete fuel and condition slowly, a bad condition generator could start a fire or even explode, be sure to fix them with electronics scraps! Oh, it also does a lot of noise... ;)
  • Traps/Explosive:
    • Molotov, flame trap, pipe bomb, noise maker, smoke bomb and aerosol bomb!
    • After crafted them (need to be engineer, but you can find some books to learn the recipes) you can throw them or place them on the ground.
    • Some electronics devices can be added to them: remote trigger, movement sensor or even timer!
  • Added the tutorial, give it a try! It's the first step tutorial, it won't teach you all the mighty stuff you can do, but it'll provide a good base for new player as it teach movement, fighting, looting, eating/drinking... And use of context key!
  • Random character creation and save your character creation! (mod from BlindCoder)
  • Added 2 new challenges!
    • Opening hours: The Mall is surrounded. Once upon a time, it was an important place in their lives. Instinct has led them to its doors. A memory of what they used to do...  You are alone, but not for long. At 9AM the Mall will be ready for business: doors will open, and the hordes will enter. Be ready for them.
    • Winter is Coming: It's mid-July, but suddenly there's a chill on the breeze. In a mere three days' time a winter will set in like no other before it. You awake in an isolated location. You have meagre supplies, and the undead hordes might be slowed by the intense cold - but they are no less deadly. Wrap up warm, survivor...
  • Claim safehouse in Multiplayer!
  • Added StartYear and StartDay sandbox options.
  • Added SaveWorldEveryMinutes server option.
  • New server option = AllowDestructionBySledgehammer:true // If false, don't allow the use of the sledgehammer to destroy stuff.
  • Dismantle electronics stuf to gather electronics scraps!
  • Tooons of new items, more than 30!
  • Don't create backups of client savefiles when the game's version changes.
  • Fixed rain barrels collecting rainwater when inside. (Issue #001594)
  • Fixed sheet rope sometimes going on the wrong side of the thumpable/window in multiplayer. (Issue #001569)
  • Fix unkickable players in multiplayer.
  • Client savefile names were changed to IP_port_username. (Issue #001626).  It used to be IP_username, so you may want to rename your multiplayer directories to include the server's port number, otherwise the game won't find your old player.
  • Fixed the "device not closed" error message when exiting. (Issue #001630)
  • Fixed "dirty" appearance to a clean bandage on male upper right leg. (Issue #001625)
  • Fixed campfire items not cooking after loading. (Issue #001611)
  • Fixed lightfooted/sneak XP being awarded to the wrong player in splitscreen multiplayer. (Issue #001644)
  • Fixed zombie-grab slow-factor not being applied to the correct coop player in multiplayer.
  • Recover from colds inside player-made buildings. (Issue #000958)
  • Added "Remove Broken Glass" context menu command for broken windows.
  • Don't show the combination padlock dialog until the player has finished moving next to the locked object.
  • Blood splatter gets fainter and blacker over a 3-day period.
  • New server option HoursForCorpseRemoval will delete corpses older than this many hours.  Player corpses aren't deleted.
  • Fixed getting into locked containers exploit. (Issue #001649)
  • Fixed beginner mode shut water/elec to 8 days
  • Probably plenty of other stuff I forgot there.
Update: May 26th - 32.1


  • Fixed spawn-house check in SafeHouse.
  • Removed SensorRange from AerosolbombRemote and PipeBombRemote.
  • 'Craft Spiked Bat' and 'Craft Spiked Plank' recipes take 5 nails.
  • 'Craft Spiked Bat', 'Craft Spiked Plank', and 'Smash Watermelon' recipes work with the stone hammer (Issue #001670)
  • Fixed duplicating generators. (Issue #001679)
  • Fixes for generator actions.
  • Fixed possible NullPointerException when turning a generator on/off.
  • Fixed trap explosion symmetry.
  • Fixed trap explosion exception when there are no zombies. (Issue #001676)
  • Tutorial: If you open the window instead of climb it it'll add a new popup tutorial.
  • Tutorial: you can't kill the zombie before we said so
  • Tutorial: Made the "sneak here" spot more visible
  • Tutorial: Every windows will now fit correctly, no matter the text (this is for translation)
  • Changed tutorial popup text
  • Lowered generators spawn rate
  • Increased empty sandbag spawn rate
  • Increased petrol can/empty petrol can spawn rate
  • Gather gun power -> Gather gun powder (tho that mistake was kinda cool to read :D)
  • Bring back You have one day challenge.. Wasn't supposed to be here but Steam decided otherwise :/
  • Reexported the map (understand few map fixes)
  • Bunch of stuff for translations
  • Updated Russian translation

Update: May 27th - 32.2


  • Added sidetable loot table for bedroom: it can spawn electronics stuff
  • Spawn some electronics scrap in shed/garage
  • Fixed memory sandbox options for zombies
  • Fixed cognition sandbox options for zombies (yes, they can open doors now :D)
  • Game will now consider that's there a lot of zombies for looting if you have no zombies in sandbox (to help testing)
  • Tutorial: Your player will respawn as a zombie way faster
  • Fixed placing some trap won't make them explode
  • Added tooltip for trap which say that you can throw them
  • Lowered the zombies in the opening Hours challenge (still heavy challenging, but should be less laggy)
  • Bit balanced the flame trap and molotov (should be more effective)
  • Fixed security holes in a few Lua input/output methods. (Issue #001340)
  • Added getUrlInputStream() for blindcoder. (Issue #001682)
  • Fixed toxic buildup from indoor generator not respecting FPS setting.
  • Missed part of getInetSocketAddress() fix.
  • Exception handling around MapCollisionData/ZombiePopulationManager stuff to stop server dying.
  • Fixed unkillable / unshovable zombies. (Issue #001686)
  • Fixed Broken Baseball Bat stacking with unbroken Baseball Bat. (Issue #00168
  • Force the player awake if she takes fire damage while sleeping. (Issue #001684)
  • Fixed getInetSocketAddress() server crash. (Issue #001675)
  • Fixed wrong VirtualZombiePool being used from the main thread in 2 places.
  • Fixed engineer / electrician descriptions in other languages. (Issue #001683)

Update: May 28th - 32.3


  • Force the player to walk to a gas pump before taking fuel. (Issue #001694).
  • Added translations for some things.
  • Moved the "Random" button in the first character-creation screen down beside the "Play" button (same as it is on the profession screen).
  • Fixed window sprites not changing after removing broken glass. (Issues #001690, #001698)
  • Fixed zombies spawning in water and other weird places due to the chunkdata_X_Y.bin files needing to be reexported with a fixed WorldEd. (Issue #001692)
  • Expose Vector2 and Vector3 Java classes for Lua modders.
  • Fixed two bugs with desired zombie population calculation.
  • Fixed exception with null ItemContainer in IsoDeadBody.reanimate(). (Issue #001675)
EDIT: If you have an existing savegame and want to reset all the zombies to the new levels, delete the zpop_*.bin files in the save directory.

Update: June 3rd - 32.4


  • Added some map zones for foraging etc. Fixed overlapping zones. (Issue #001632)
  • Fixed character-creation translations.
  • Fixed vertical size of the "play tutorial?" dialog in other languages.
  • Fixed Beginner water/electricity shutoff times.
  • Add some methods to EvolvedRecipe and ItemRecipe for mods.
  • Fixed throwing traps with the controller. (Issue #001722)
  • Fixed trap-sprite size getting messed up when throwing traps quickly.
  • Fixed exceptions throwing traps. (Issue #001720)
  • Fixed SafeHouse packets bouncing between client and server endlessly. (Issue #001675)
  • Fixed not being able to add a sheetrope where one was removed in multiplayer.
  • Fixed "play the tutorial?" dialog issues. (Issue #001691, #001701)
  • Fixed Skills panel not blinking in tutorial with other languages.
  • Removed "Save builds:" label from character creation due to space constraints.
  • Fixed Tutorial button position after resizing the game window.
  • Fixed bombs bouncing off the air when throwing above ground level. (Issue #001728)
  • Fixed teleporting through walls when climbing over fences. (Issue #001746)
Two changes were made to the zombie population stuff. The first change is that zombies will wander to empty areas of the cell they're in once an hour. This has the effect of spreading zombies out throughout the cell they're in after they get grouped up by sounds.

The second change affects how zombies group together in loaded parts of the map. Now zombies prefer to stand around in groups of 20 or less, and don't get attracted to each other quite so often. When a large group of zombies does form, it will tend to break up into smaller groups fairly quickly. This was done to fix those giant buzzing swarms of zombies that wouldn't disperse.

Update: June 5th - 32.5


  • Fixed trailing commas in "You survived for" text after death.
  • Fixed exception making a PeanutButter sandwich.
  • Remove zombies from the building a player spawns in when reusing an existing world.
  • Fixed virtual zombies following sounds at different day-length sandbox settings. (Issue #001767)
  • Fixed spawning zombies in underpopulated cells adjacent to overpopulated cells when those overpopulated cells hadn't been loaded already. This could lead to too many zombies spawning.
  • Fixed "Medical Check" and "Wake Other" exceptions. (Issue #001773)
  • Fixed Sunstar Motel window sprite with glass removed. (Issue #001737)
  • Don't display "Open Window" command for perma-locked windows. (Issue #001757)
  • Display the number of files remaining (500, 400, 300, etc) during server softreset.
  • Fixed new zombie-redistribution code possibly moving zombies at z > 0.
  • Fixed fake-dead zombies being moved around by sounds and redistribution code.
  • Fixed controller bug in character-creation screen.

Update: June 8th - 32.6

  • Fixed "admin" account not working (already released this as a hotfix earlier).
  • Added zombies.ini file in every save to configure zombie-population settings. On Windows you'll need a text editor other than Notepad that can handle Unix-style line endings, such as Notepad2 or Notepad++, if you want to edit this file.
  • Fixed combination-padlock dialog not working with the controller. (Issue #001800)
  • Use newer version of sqlite-jdbc that works on Linux. (Issue #001798)

Update: June 19th - 32.7

  • Fixed client crash in ZombiePopulationManager.updateMain(). (Issue #001803 etc)
  • Added zombie radar panel to Last Stand #2 so all zombies can be located.
  • Use the old house-in-the-woods map for Last Stand #2 until issues with the larger map are resolved.
  • Fixed generators draining fuel/condition when activated in multiplayer.(Issue #001806)
  • Fixed infinite loop in PlayerDownloadServer when ServerSocket can't be created. (Issue #001809)
  • Reimplemented zombie-grouping code again. Zombies gather around a leader instead of randomly-chosen map locations. Zombie leaders try to stay away from each other.
  • Added Sandbox UI for the new zombie-population settings (click the "Advanced" button under population setings).
  • Removed sandbox options ZombiesRespawn and ZombiesRespawnPercent.
  • Removed HoursForZombiesRespawn and ZombiesRespawnPercent options from server.ini file.
  • Sandbox presets can now be deleted.
  • Fixed boredom/unhappiness when making bowls of soup/stew from a pot.(Issue #001821)
  • Removed the unused "change graphics" keybind. (Issue #001794)
  • Zombies lunge at players through opened/destroyed doors the zombie was thumping. (Issue #001766)
  • Fixed zombies on the ground being pushed by other zombies.
  • Server /reloadoptions command reloads the zombies.ini file as well.
  • Tweaked zombie spawn numbers based on feedback. These are mostly identical to LeoIvanov's settings.
  • Fixed zombies stopping thumping to lunge at nearby players repeatedly.
  • Fixed survival guide saying to hold LMB to charge attacks. (Issue #001829)
  • Fixed stacks of harvested plants and scavenged food items not aging until the stack is expanded. (Issue #001823)
  • Fixed harvesting an already-harvested plant by right-click spamming. (Issue #001827)
  • Fixed wrong item icons for Hunting Knife and Nailed Baseball Bat. (Issue #001826)
  • Fixed missing Alarm Clock sprite after placing. Allow setting the timer. (Issue #001824)
  • Unequip a trap before placing it, if needed. Show the progress bar during placing.
  • Fixed stabbing weapons sometimes doing no damage to an attacking zombie. (Issue #001695)

Update: June 22nd - 32.8


  • THE EXCITING CRAFTING UI! Press "B" (default) or click the left icon to show it.
  • It allows you to see every recipes you know (some may need to be learnt from books, not all books are coded already, it'll be there soon)
  • It also check for items in surrounding containers and automatically grab them.
  • The above now also works for right clicking to craft!
  • (I may have broke controller support on it for now, it'll be fixed don't worry)
  • Evolved recipes also works for this! Check in your cooking tab!
  • Also this update include few fixes/EP zombie population management fixes/balancing etc...

Update: June 23rd - 32.9


  • Crafting UI will now works correctly with recipes that requires more than 1 type of item (like put nails in box)
  • Crafting UI improvement
  • Doesn't show one evolved recipe more than one time
  • Doesn't show one item more than one time (no more multiple tomatoes in the evolved recipe ingredient list..)
  • Also make the icon red if item not available (easier to read)
  • Added ingredients list for evolved recipes
  • Added "Add Ingredient" at bottom of the ingredients list
  • Changed some recipes/items name according to Will
  • Prevent crafting when you walked away from a container (refresh list of containers)
  • Evolved recipe will take your base food age, so if you make a sandwich from rotten bread, your sandwich will be rotten
Soon to come:
  • Something something Zach something something M... something something AWESOME...

Update: June 27th - 32.10


  • SURPRISE? WHO CAN GUESS? (I give you 30 seconds to notice it :D)
  • Added a button to toggle between active and passive traits (show Strength & Fitness).
  • Show skill progress-bar tooltips when using the controller
  • Reset traits and professions to the default after enabling/disabling mods.
  • Added RecipeTests.lua, a so-so testsuite for crafting.
  • Crafting-from-floor fixes and general mayhem.
  • More translations
  • Create new crafting UI categories if needed (like you don't know anything 'bout fihsing, then learn it)
  • Added recipes magazine (cooking, hunting, fishing)
  • Unequip Camfire Materials when placing a campfire.
  • Fixed walking being much noisier on fast-forward. (Issue #001853)
  • Fixed exception when a non-existent mod is in loaded.txt (Issue #001856)
  • Also fixed an infinite loop when Mod B required by Mod A can't be found.

Update: June 28th - 32.11


  • Fixed flashlight/fillet crashes. (Issue #001881, #001884)
  • Each recipe's OnTest lua function is now called on *every* possible ingredient, not just the selected item.  This is needed since CraftingUI doesn't have any selected item.
  • Fixed texture scaling in Inventory and crafting UI to support HydroCraft mod.  HydroCraft mod has some jumbo-sized item textures for things like the Smelter.
  • Added translations for savefile errors to the savefile selection screen.
  • Fixed controller not working with new solo selection screen.
  • Added a scrollbar to map description panel in map selection screen. (Issue #001878)
  • Fixed button border-color inconsistency in various load screens.
  • Added scrolling listbox for "Required Items" in non-evolved recipes in the crafting ui.
  • Fixed spamming 'C' key in Crafting UI giving too much stuff. (Issue #001887)
  • Fixed crash after building stairs then attacking the pillar sprites on the floor below. (Issue #001888)

Update: June 29th - 32.12


  • Put out fire! (require extinguisher, water or sand/dirt/gravel bag)
  • Some new menu changes/Fix
  • Starting year is now 1993
  • Distinguish between number of items or number of "units" of drainable/food items in Crafting UI.
  • KahluaThread hack to avoid processing after resetting the lua environment.
  • After enabling/disabling mods with the controller, some instructions from the old/reset Lua environment were being processed.
  • Make the mod-selector screen work with a controller.
  • Health panel grabs items from surrounding containers.


Update: June 29th - 32.13


  • Fixed "blinking" zombie models. (Issue #001858)
  • Fixed PutOutFire working with empty extinguisher or sand/gravel/dirt bags.
  • Fixed PutOutFire working from a distance.
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So it says we can drag generators... can we also drag BBQs and furniture in Build 32?


 If it's not on the patch note, then...?



I just thought I would ask! :) I didn't know if it was a "Hey, we fixed dragging things so that you can drag a generator, and now dragging everything else works too!"


It's not like I asked "Hey, now that we can drag generators are cars in as well?" At least it was SOMEWHAT related to what was in the patch notes. :)

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So it says we can drag generators... can we also drag BBQs and furniture in Build 32?


 If it's not on the patch note, then...?


Neither is being able to use Charcoal with BBQs but the preview video showed it to be possible :P



Was that in the video? Awesome! I can't watch videos from my current location, so I had no idea. If charcoal is in, Dragons must be in as well. 

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I'm wondering what the new items are and what their use is. Could we get more details?


And i can understand the confusion about being able to move other stuff beside the generator, if i remember correctly it was stated in a mondoid, i'm a bit puzzled myself.


Anyway good work :).

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I'm wondering what the new items are and what their use is. Could we get more details?


And i can understand the confusion about being able to move other stuff beside the generator, if i remember correctly it was stated in a mondoid, i'm a bit puzzled myself.


Anyway good work :).


Moving furniture was in a Mondoid, but was never confirmed for any particular build number.

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Moving furniture was in a Mondoid, but was never confirmed for any particular build number.


Oh right, it said we will hear more about it after 32, sorry :P.



No worries! 


As soon as I can move a BBQ (or furniture) in-game, I'm going to spell out "I <3 RJ" with zombie corpses, light them on fire and post the pic here.

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