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Cheat Menu V2.8.2

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On 2016-10-15 at 10:48 AM, Cithanor said:

Okay, I am having a few issues with the mod on multiplayer.

I am an admin, and have the files loaded, so I am unsure why they aren't all working properly.

-When using the zombie brush, the zombies show up and disappear after 2-3 seconds.
-When using the warp time command, after a few seconds it changes back again. Any idea why these wouldn't be working?

Both zombies and time are server-sided, unfortunately. Cheat Menu spawns them client-sided, and as far as I'm aware there is no way for me to spawn them server-sided.

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Updated to V2.7.



Added Vehicle Godmode.

Added Repair All Parts, Add Key To Inventory, Permanently Remove Vehicle, and Toggle Hotwire.

Added vehicle part editing, every part on the vehicle can now be edited.

Added Freeze Day/Night Cycle.

Redid the UI elements so that they now scale properly for different resolutions.

Changed how Stats Toggle works, mostly just a behind-the-scenes change.

Tidied up CheatCoreForCheatMenu.lua.

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Updated to V2.7.1



Prevent Death now functions properly, courtesy of Slok. Thanks to his code contribution, nothing short of falling several stories will kill you.
Fixed quite a few bugs for Warp Time, it now correctly sets days/months.
Changed the amount of years in Warp Time from 1 - 20 (additive) to 1993 - 2077.
Fixed a minor bug in the Vehicles submenu that added engine power/loudness/quality setters to every menu in the Under-the-hood category.

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On 10/20/2019 at 10:05 AM, ZombieSlasher said:

I'm using 40.43 and mod don't appear to me. It doesn't work with this version or it's a problem of mine?

It's most likely a problem on your end, as it works fine for me. If you don't mind, could you load into a save with Cheat Menu enabled & send me the console.txt after closing the game?

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