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Supply drop / Relief goods + Sandbox / Survival game option


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Knowing that the government is still functioning outside Knox County, it would be helpful (Specially during late game, when the electricity and water goes down and supplies run out.) if government helicopters will "occasionally" drop relief packages/supplies on Knox country (Either randomly or in a specific drop zone) to aid its survivors. Supplies like, non-perishable goods, batteries, flashlights and maybe some weapons which may help you go by for at least a week or two. The bad side of this is that the zombies will be swarming the drop zone, being drawn by the noise caused by the helicopter and competition among survivors in which conflict may arise.


Plus, an interesting game option for sandbox or maybe survival where you can start a new character and leave your old character to become a NPC in the same map and let fate decide on what will happen to him/her. This idea popped in my mind while I was playing last night, when my character who was a carpenter succumbed to his wounds inside his fort last night, playing with a new character in the same map, I tried to go back to my old fort to recover my supplies and imagined how awesome it would be "If my new character, Basti Artadi could meet Dong Abay, my old one."

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