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Looking for Artists for Hydrocraft Mod!

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Made new replacement art for the small game cuts of meat, I made them look like there cuts from different sections of a small game animal so it wouldn't just look like one big cut since there's only a select amount of cuts of meat available on small animals.









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Since the big list is getting so long I will just post a little bit at a time of the most needed stuff so here are the main items I need ...



Foraging 32x32



Willow Bark



Juniper Berry

Sumac Berry


Blewit Mushroom

Lobster Mushroom

Witch's Hat Mushroom
Yellow Morel Mushroom




Fiddlehead Fern

Maple Leaf


Nuts & Seeds

Beech Nut

Birch Catkin



Milkweed Root

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Bed made from Logtable Texture


for simple life in the woods.


Set of Blue Plastic barrels.



and a yellow one



Metal Barrel with Water



Metal Barrel with Fire



P.S. When i take a look to all the stuff you have added the last weeks i think you have enough to do in the future so i see currently no need for me to make some new textures :P

But when i have time i will take a look to the to do list.

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Guys im so f.. bussy last days and next too but i spend little time and draw my first truck.. i borow wheels from you Eiledoll :) Hope enyoy \ . What you say?

Can you make more vehicles. Specificlly ones to replace our current ones which are ...


- Mixer Truck

- Tow Truck

- School Bus

- Police Car

- Fire Trick

- Ambulance

- Motor Home

- Sports Car

- Motorcycle


And some other ones not yet made ...


- Minivan

- Station Wagon

- Hippie VW Bus

- Dog Catcher Truck

- Public Bus

- News Truck

- Street Sweeper Truck

- Garbage Truck

- Bulldozer

- Excavator

- Humvee

- Tank


Thanks in advance!!

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