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17 hours ago, Berdryn said:

Syringe with insulin is for diabetics. It could be used in a custom drawback of diabetes


4 hours ago, Berdryn said:

Here's what I'd do: 

Make the diabetic trait a drawback. Make the insulin a food item that will eventually rot. Make the diabetic trait slowly kill you, and you must find / make insulin or you'll eventually die. 


Say you have 100 health, the diabetic trait would slowly reduce this in such a way that only insulin will raise it. This way as you play and can't find any medication, you'll slowly wither. Maybe lower other stats as well as increase fatigue, etc. 

I don't have the coding ability but I think it would make it interesting to play.

Yup, but i think the rotting mechanic is unnecessary. Its already gonna be hard to keep finding it, and not taking it kills pretty fast.

 Also, its easy to syntethise, so it could be a lab recipe!

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