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Ultima Online and Neverwinter fans rejoice!

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If you have been craving a game that brings back the nostalgic days of either Ultima Online or Neverwinter Nights than look no further a spiritual sucessor to both is on the Horizon. Shards Online had a sucessful kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1468280928/shards-online-play-by-your-rules) and has been plowing along ever since. D&D fans will be happy to know that a D20 ruleset is possible via modding which brings me to my next point is that Shards will let you build original worlds and DM them through the form of Gods. The lack of hardcoding barriers devs have promised will make it even more modifiable than NWN 1 or 2 was. For folks who don't want to wait until release there are several levels of pledging from alpha to pre alpha admin which will get you started modding this Spring. Lets hope this becomes a success!

Website: http://shardsonline.com/forum/

Developmental Roadmap: http://shardsonline.com/development-roadmap/

Shards Online: A chat with project lead Derek 'Supreem' Brinkmann

Player Run Server Q&A

Modding 101 - Simple Custom Behaviors

Modding 101 - Templates and World

Housing Video

Latest Community Roundtable





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I have been following this for a few months now. A post on the Shard Online thread actually brought me here. As an old UO player (1997-99 or so), and am eagerly watching the development of this game, hoping to one day create an role-play server based on the original lore of the single player Ulima, with my own little touches here and there. Definitely my favorite series and lore. I began with RunUO, and got pretty close (just need a few tweaks, here and there),  but never released it. 

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I don't put money into games that aren't finished anymore. Tired of getting burned (looking at you Early Access). Will keep an eye on it post launch.

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