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Best weapon

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I think the weapons have changed in the 6 years since the original post.


Presently, my preference is short blunt. It's very easy to find a one handed whacker, and it doesn't drain the stamina near as much. And once you get enough levels on it, with decent enough strength, you can drop zeds on 1 to 3 hits pretty routinely, and the knockdown chance seems decent, so I find it handy for managing crowds.


Katana does kick ass, but aside form the machete, there are no other weapons in the long blade class that i am aware of,  making training it up difficult, and the inability to repair them make them more of a novelty. You can one hit with hatchets at max axe level, just as well as, if not better than the katana. Long blades are great early game if all other combat stats are low, but the longer the game lasts, the less effective they become, relatively speaking. And their rarity is also an issue. 


I'll take a lead pipe anyday. Even short blade is kinda good at higher levels, barely effects stamina, and doesn't slow your character as much, if at all, when attacking.


But katanas are still fun.

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On 4/13/2015 at 8:40 AM, Guest said:

I already kill them with 1-2 hits with the hammer, so the damage seems fine to me.
Wow, I had no clue they could smash through the helmet or tippmann a5 they used, I figured it were stronger.

I'd love to see a crossbow/bow in game. 

Great score.
For me Sword and Shield, Spear is best to kill.

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