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Key distribution with custom buildings

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Now then fellow survivors. For a while now I've been recreating the village I grew up in, which mostly consists of semi-detached and terraced houses. As such, I've been building them in pairs or a big long row in the editor, rather than individual homes. Finally decided to create a mod to test it, realised how easy it was and got annoyed for not doing it earlier, but before long I had spawned in my childhood home. Awesome!


However, as I had built both my neighbours house and mine as one, I could lock/unlock both front doors. Not the biggest crime in history I admit, but was wondering if there was something I was missing whilst creating.


Is there a way to tell TileZed that there are numerous homes in one building and to spawn seperate keys?


Or, do I need to create seperate buildings for each individual home and line them up in WorldEd?


Either way, I'm happy. I'm not too far into making the houses as I've been focusing on gettng the pngs right. I can duplicate the buildings I have, split them in 2 and create side A and B. I'd just like to know before going on a building creation rampage and end up making more work for myself in the long run.


Thanks for your time and to TIS for making Project Zomboid. It's pretty wizard. :)

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Thought that would be the case. It'd be cool if we could make terraced houses and then just highlight which part was dedicated to each home. Alas, no worries.

Thanks for your response, Jela.

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