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Heir system


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This idea is not still complete, but it has been maturing in my mind for a while. I know children got definitely rejected, but I think I found a way to add them without breaking the atmosphere: The heir skill system.


It could be a free feature where you choose to either assiign the earned skillpoints to yourself, or to invest in the future and buy your heir some nice advantage. Or the heir could be "created" after you settle down and choose a NPC of the opposite sex to be your partner.


This heir, would just be an invisible bunck of skills you are buying for them, and appear into the game after your old character gets killed.


I'm open to suggestions to make this idea better. Or to plain reject it if you feel the need of feeling a powerful admin by crusing other members ideas without even considering them.

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I'm fairly certain that an heir system has already been rejected, atleast as a feature for the normal survival mode, as it would count as a way to respawn.

Also, yes, this was already suggested quite a lot of times.


Although you can hope for it to become a mod, I'm sure.

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This was not rejected. Children were (read the rejected suggestions again).


You can already respawn in survival, try a proper argument next time.

First, yes, it was rejected, as was stated in the other threads that were created on this subject. Which you can search for. This was stated in the ''how to make a good suggestion thread'', that you should search for threads that were already made on the subject, to make sure you aren't repeating them, unless you have something new to add.


Second, it was already stated that respawning was going to be removed in normal survival mode, although probably not in sandbox.


And third, maybe cut down on the '' try a proper argument next time'' when you should try to research this information first.

No offense, of course.

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