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Panicked Military Personel *not aid* and/or fallen outposts

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I know in the "Common Suggestions" topic, that one of the things that will not be implemented will be military aid. I think a more likely (and difficult) senario would be having individual soldiers shooting at anything that moves out of panic. Like in the "Code Red" scene of 28 Weeks Later, where, at first, the military tries to kill everyone to stop the infection, but get overwhelmed.


Of course, in the game, this would have happened much earlier, so that only a few personel are still alive and scattered all over the map. They could already be infected, or just in shock from being the only survivors of their units. They could be armed with marksman rifles (Hunting Rifles with 4x or 8x scopes), shotguns, or pistols, assuming that assault rifles or semi-auto civilian rifles will not be added to the game. Effectively, they are just raiders/bandits but better armed and with better shooting and fitness stats. The only major issue I can foresee, other than balancing issues, is needing another set of models with military uniforms.



I would even suggest having a group of 3-5 hostile soldiers patrolling for more realism, but that would be more complicated to program, and it would make survival almost impossible if unlucky.



Another possibility is to have destroyed military vehicles and bloody fortifications scattered showing where a final stand happened.



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