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Random Sprites

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Hello, I've been editing various PZ sprites for various reasons, I'll be uploading them here for use by everyone who's interested. No credit needed unless otherwise stated as most of the stuff is very simple edits of existing PZ sprites I make for various mods I make\use. I hope somebody will find this useful.

Tin Cans: Empty\Filled with Water

Empty\Filled with water variations of existing canned goods. I use them in my Littering mod.

Mediafire Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l7tpkec6lv00mdc/Empty+Can+Sprites.7z 

Examples: aDzlc0Q.pngeMeqQiY.pngtl2iA6X.pngPOHuJ4l.png

Miscellaneous: Other random sprites.

Sprites: Hb96lxW.pngKhMkQNE.pngpceZ2IZ.pngOISpmNz.pngakSBlI1.pngvkiz18M.pngBzOzDvl.pngFGs4EQM.png3TE1Imf.pngNCPPdBT.png5iq8I3R.pngartTntX.pngXSsC9In.pngYZNyJpK.pngpV3KvwE.png vXtteC8.png Md99I5Z.pngDPqThjk.pngzuWaa2k.pngR9jTEBU.pngeLUCFRD.png

Free for all, there is no need to give me credit.

My Sprite Mods:



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