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opening website in background / hidden

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I am searching for a way to open a website in background or hidden.

openUrl(url) opens my browser directly, so i am searching another way.

Perhaps it is possible to load the website in a panel?


i would be glad if someone can give me a hint...

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Depending on your intent (malicious or not), you might be actually looking to do an HTTP request, rather than open a website.

openURL() opens the URL, as the name implies, and you need a browser of some sort to be able to open/view a URL. Sending an HTTP request however, does not open any URL or website as such, it only sends a request to a web server (and you'd obviously need something to handle the response, if any).

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My intent is to hand information to a online-sql-database.

It is working so far with openUrl(http://myonlinespace.com/index.php?Variable), but the problem is the browser always getting on top.


So thanks so far for the hint about the http request.

I tried to get more information by googling but i dont know if i need aditional files/programs (LuaSocket?).

Or is http.request() working on current IWBUMS without additional files?


Can i hand over [get]-Variables with http-requests?


(If nobody answers, i will probably spend my whole weekend in searching informations that are hard to understand for me. So i would be thankful for some more help.)


[Edit: added some more text to mke it better to understand]

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i looked at your link, enigma, but i have to say that i dont understand it.  :???:


I don't know anything about all these classes. (I'm not a programmer, just try to learn and often succeed.)

I am happy that i can understand parts of the lua scripts and use them for the mod i'm working on.


It would be nice if someone has a code-example how to do a http-request or some other code-parts,

that could try to use to give variable to a index.php with a [get]-function.

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