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Trebuchet Conscious

Spawn Point Selection Sandbox

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Or even just a certain region. If you could choose "Muldraugh North West" (Not sure what's there, just being arbitrary) and it would limit your spawn point to somewhere in that region, that would allow you to plan your game, but still allow you to deal with the 'chaos' of figuring out exactly where you are and what you have.


Maybe i've heard this, maybe it's been implemented without my knowing, but what about different professions having you start in different areas/houses? I know that medical professionals and burglars have both been discussed as upcoming choices for professions...a prominent individual in the medical field would likely not live in the same neighborhood as someone who makes their living breaking into homes and stealing from cars. Again, not determining exact locations, but rather choosing from a list of 'suitable' homes.


Great idea though, for sandbox! I know I love having options...I like my PZ experience a particular way!

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