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Need Help with custom Tileset


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Have some Problems with my Tileset. 

I have the tileset successfully inserted into the editor and can use it there, all fine. 
But when start the game the object does not appear ingame.
I have tryed some Tutorials but nothing work for me :/ 
What I've done: 
- Insert new Tileset 64/128 
- Make Properties and save it in Editor file/Tiles/newtiledefinitions.tiles
- Make Tilesset in Building Editor, so i can place it on Map. 
Whats next? Ingame all works, only my custom Tileset not :/ 
Hope anyone can help with explanation or a tutorial link for the current version of the editor. =) 
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Have you tried downloading this version.



This release is mainly so you can create custom .pack files and .tiles files, for mods that have custom tilesets.
For Build 27, you need to edit your Tilesets.txt file (in your user ./TileZed directory):
meta-enums{    DoorW = 1    DoorN = 3    Seat = 5    Bed = 6    LightSwitch = 7}
The important change is adding the "LightSwitch = 7" line.  This has to do with letting the game know where all the light switches are in the world, so when part of a room is streamed in, all the lights can be created for that room even if the light switch itself hasn't been streamed in yet.  After you edit Tilesets.txt, you must re-export your map from WorldEd.



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