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Worms in a Jar

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I read about devs will maybe bing us pets in the future.
So how about keeping worms as regenerative source for bait?

PZ foodchain enhancement.

I mean: Put two worms in a jar with a unit of dirt and a piece of your rotten food. VOILA!
You created your own: ~~WoRmfArM~~

Includes Mouseover Infopage, like farming does.

Rotten vegetables will now become useful as source of food, for the worms.

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I suggested something like this a while back. Worm breeding is comically easy to do. The best way to do it is to build a sort of Worm Habitat by taking a decent sized plastic box and filling it absolutely full of leaves or shredded paper. Add a little bit of water to moisten it up and old food every so often to serve as a high energy food source. The high energy food helps them breed faster so you get more worms more quickly and all the while they're working their way through the leaves/paper and turning it into nutrient rich soil you can use in gardening as a soil base for new plots or fertilizer for existing plots. 

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Worms and rotten food, add both to a jar, and then more worms?  That's one step away from composting!  Of course, composting has been suggested a lot (here's a quote from a suggestion titled "compost")


So i recently bought the PZ and i enjoy it alot, it the closest to "hitting the spot" i have played so far. 

I grew up on a farm where we were growing alot of food our self, and one of the things we used to keep plants fertilized with compost made of discarted foods and animal faeces. 
Since there seems to be alot of Rotten this and that everywhere in the game, and you often end up having to trash alot of food when it gets too old, it would be nice to be able to make a  place for composting, that eventually could yield fertilized dirt to accelerate plant grow and keep them healthy, or something like it.

I am open for suggestion improvements, give me your thoughts. 



I think the suggestion here is for pet worms.  Like slimy from Sesame Street?


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Breeding worms doesn't make very much sense as of now, because you can infinitely dig up worms from a single tile of dirt. It's way faster than breeding them.

Composting is a part of RKF mod already. items.txt stuff, nothing too complicated

If you do what I said earlier and build a worm habitat you can have yourself a huge colony of worms for very minimal effort and setup. It'd take a fair amount of time to get going but once the ball gets rolling you'd never need to dig around specifically to find worms ever again. It makes more sense in the long run than spending hours of exhausting effort digging around in the dirt every time you need to find worms.

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