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Alternate Foraging


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Just a thought.  What about the ability to Forage inside buildings?  Say for instance someone was inside a previously looted warehouse and he foraged.  It would be nice to find some nails or shotgun shells that may have been missed... I wouldn't expect this to work if the building had been fortified tho.

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I wish foraging placed the found items on the ground tile instead of in your inventory.


I do not like that I automatically pick up everything that I find. There are some items that I do not want and I would not pick up if I wasn't forced to.


In RL if I walked into the woods looking for berries, I wouldn't come home with pockets full of rocks and tree branches.

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YES. This would be good to simulate the little items you find in houses that might clutter up containers if they were just "there". Stuff like a packet of mints under someone's pillow, cockroaches (mmmm), and as someone said, pieces of wood and nails like in TLD.

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