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Detailed stat building


Each Attribute breaks down into multiple skills.  Then, each Skill breaks down into multiple Techniques.  And then, each Technique reveals the Endurance and Stamina of the body parts it directly uses.  But, you should only be allowed to level up Techniques by choice.  Beyond that, everything should really be leveled up through your bare actions.


Attributes.  The attributes should be simple, Intelligence and Physique, that's it.  Since inherently, we are just a Brain and a Body.


Skills.  Intelligence and Physique influences ALL skills.  This just makes it easier to categorize the Techniques.


Techniques.  Each Skill should have two Techniques. One, will be the Intellectual part of the skill, and the other will be the Physical part.  Basically, the Techniques are the parts of the Skills that the Attributes directly influence.  And like I said, Techniques should be the only things you have a choice in building.  They still build up through your bare actions though, but only because the choice still needs bare action to reveal itself.


Endurance & Stamina.  Based on your Techniques, each part of your Body (in your own prefence of detail of course)

should have an Indicator.  Just like in my last Suggestion in, "Fixing, Mr. Fixit," we should have an Indication of when the Body Parts are Healthy and when they're Infected.  AND, Indicators for each Body Parts Endurance and Stamina.  Your most used Body Parts will fair the best against your obstacles.  And I'm talking about the Brain, and the other Organs as well.  So besides building up your Endurance & Stamina for say, your Arms or Legs, you could. . .  develop your reading skills, or build up a drinking tolerance, that sort of thing.


Specialities.  Each and every Item and Body Part we are able to use, should give you a temporary buff to the Techniques they use, but only while you're using them.  So, whatever it is that you use the most, will give you the biggest Bonus.  And I'm still talking about the Brain, and the other Organs as well.  Plus, if you've ever played "Borderlands," you might have an idea of what I mean (Minus the Body Parts). 


Karma & Luck.  I'm a firm believer in "What Goes Around, Comes Around." You do good things; good things happen to you, and the opposite.


Professions.  Detailed Attributes, Skills, Techniques, Endurance, Stamina, and Specialities that you start off with.  Because that's what you got paid for before the outbreak. 


Traits.  Traits should involve everything on this list.  So we can have very detailed starting points.  And I personally would love a long character creation.


Gaining & Losing XP.  Don't Shame your Pain, because if you don't Use it, you Lose it.  (To an extent.)


Detailed Details


Attributes.  Intelligence and Physique


Skills & Techniques.  ex. Skill (Meaning)= Techniques (Usage).


Learning (Rate at which you absorb experiences.)= Brain Memory (Rate at which the Intelligence Attribute increases.) and Body Memory (Rate at which the Physique Attribute increases.).


Willpower (Ability to stay Conscious and Calm)= Adrenal Glands (Brain Juice) and Heart & Lungs (Blood & Air Flow).


(Survivalist) Foraging (General Searching & Finding), Fishing (Water Foraging), Trapping (Animal Foraging), Reading (Word Foraging)= Comprehension (Quantity Understanded) and Strength (Limit at a Time).


(Crafts) Farming (Grow Food), Cooking (Prepare Food), First Aid (Exterior Healing), Living Anatomy B & R (Interior Healing), Carpentry (Wood Work), Stonework (Stone Work), Metalsmithing (Metal Work), Engineering (Work with Moving Parts), Chemistry (Chemical Work), Electronics B & R (Metal & Electricity Work)= Coordination (Quality Work) and Strength (Speed).


(Movement) Running (Fast & Loud), Sneaking (Slow & Quiet), Swimming (Horizontal Quad-Strength), and Climbing (Vertical Quad-Strength)= Coordination (Gracefulness) and Strength (Speed).


(Combat) Unarmed (Bare Bodied Weapons), Edged Weapons (Stabbing and/or Cutting Objects), Bashing Weapons (Blunt Objects), Combustion Weapons (Explosive Momentum Projectiles), Sling Weapons (String Momentum Projectiles), and Throwing Weapons (Hand Momentum Projectiles)= Perception (Gracefulness and Critical Hits) and Strength (Speed and Weapon Handling). (AND, with both Perception and Strength, Ranged gets more Accuracy.  PLUS, Melee and Throwing get more Accuracy and Damage.)


Other Stuff


Punching.  With the Mental and Physical Abilities we have access to, Punching would give us the Capability to knock out Living People.  Done just like weapon attacks, but not as damaging though.  And significently faster, especially if you're Punching with Both Hands.  Plus, it might be cool to have a means of using some Brass/Spiked Nuckles or something.


No Profession.  Instead of picking one job to focus on in life, you bounced around a lot.  So instead of having a certain build that you focused on from the biginning, in your Attributes, Skills, Techniques, Endurance, Stamina, and Specialities. . .  you instead, start off with a tiny bit in everything.   


But, no matter how much of my opinions you don't agree with, that's okay.  Because I know you all have Brilliant Ideas of you own that I didn't think of.  And I know you're doing everything you can to continue to make this game awesome.  And that's kind of why I love you all, peace.

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