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Story generation on player death.

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I'm considering attempting doing this as a mod when i get my current project done, however, the suggestion is this:


Whenever a player dies, a story is generated for the player, scrolling as text when you die, after your statistics show and how long you survived. 


The concept is that you'd have a library of grammatical constructs and fragments that can be used for certain situations that are recorded throughout the time the player plays the game until death, such as moodles and intense battles. Upon death, this component would analyze data recorded during the player's timeline and find interesting things or moments of prolonged peacefulness, learning abilities and crafting, and hunting & gathering. It would then take that data, and look up suitable grammar fragments to best represent the data. It would then glue together those pieces to produce a decent story of your player, that you can read, and share with your friends. 


example: "one after another, <name> hacked the horde to bits, whilst defending the group as the others sneaked behind the plaza strip in search of supplies."


This concept would compliment the atmosphere the game presents with "This is how you died.". 



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I definitely agree. There could be an option for length and detail. It would be really amazing to be able to post essay-sized stories on a forum for the game, and be able to read a "summary" when you actually die. 

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honestly .. this doesn't even have to generate a story that makes a huge amount of logical sense either ...

just the fact that it created some sort of story based vaguely on what you did would be incredibly awesome


if there are already player action tags you could use it would significantly reduce the workload

a lot of the work is going to be creative, writing the "story snippets" that the code would piece together

some of these tags have to already exist ... the game keeps track of how many zombies you killed and how many hours you lived

but it doesn't track that you always remembered to put that stuffed Spiffo in your main inventory before going to bed

or that you were attacked while cooking the last of your food and burned it ... and the house ... and went 3 days without food afterwards

that kind of stuff would be awesome

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