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PVE/RP BreakTimeGaming *WeRBACK*

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BreakTimeGaming community would like to present to you our project zomboid server.
Here at BTG we are more than happy to say HI  we are back! and great to have you all.

Server can be found on the public server list!   

-PVE/RP Soon to be whitelisted
-Custom Starter Kits!
-Dedicated Server!
-30 slots 
-Steam group

Server will be implimenting a player(Admin) run shop that you can ultimatly exchange items in for other items.
Each trade in item will have a preset value towards a requested item.     ( similar to nether trade shops )


No pvp
Do not grief player built structures
Do not burn down buildings purposly
Do not harass/troll other players
Do not duplicate or expliot any game glitches
Do not spamm chat box



Teamspeak3: BTG.teamspeak3.com
Server ip: breaktimegaming.no-ip.biz           -   Please join our steam group and sign up on the forum
Steam group: BreakTimeGamingcommunity -http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Breaktimegaming
Website                                                        --  http://breaktimegamingcommunity.enjin.com/home
                       - we are a public group, all trolls & dissrespectful members will be kicked

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