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(Answered) how to copy/paste/edit buildings in save games?


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hello all, i was wondering if there is a way to edit my save file so that i can copy paste my fort i built in game? this is not a building made in tilezed or a map editor: im talking about my fort i put blood, sweat, and many many nails into. i was hoping to be able to copy the building or cell, then paste it into a new save or a file or something for future use.


is this possible?


also, i apologize if this question was previously answered. i googled this, and could not find anything. any help is GREATLY appreciated.



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Well, after seeing your question I got interested, so I ran the game, started a new one and checked if I could copy my safehouse from my favorite save.

So is it possible? Yes it is! I managed to copy my entire creation (loot in crates included) into a new save without breaking anything (As far as I know)

How to do it? Here's where things get a little complicated.

You must go to your savegame folder and find the one with the fortress ex:

Now you must find the .bin files that contain your creation and that is the hard part because I have no clue how to describe it better than how I did it. (it took me 5 minutes)

I went by the logic that if average file takes 10kb my fortress would take a ton more due to content within, so I sorted by filesize, found a big one and copied it into another savegame folder, it worked but as it seemed, it was only a part of my base. So I copied the files around it and eventually got it right.

Ex. My base was in the Isolated House, the files for it were:

Note: Those are for the right side next to the house itself, as far as I can tell, one file covers around 10 tiles squared.

I know that it's a brute force method and not an easy one at that, maybe there is a simpler one, I don't know unfortunately.

I hope it helped you. ;)

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