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Reloading A Mod Within the Game


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I am working on a mod right now.  Is there a way that I have missed to reload the mod's LUA code while within a Project Zomboid game?


Right now, I have been doing:

  1. Exit to the main menu.
  2. Go into the Mods menu.
  3. Turn off the mod.
  4. Return to the main menu.
  5. Wait for the "reloading LUA" message to fade.
  6. Go into the Mods menu.
  7. Turn back on the mod.
  8. Return to the main menu.
  9. Wait for the "reloading LUA" message to fade.
  10. Load the game again for testing.


This all takes a bit of time, especially on my less than current PC, so I'm hoping there's a faster way to do this that I have somehow missed.

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Thank you very much.  Somehow I missed the -Ddebug option and was just pressing the "Toggle LUA Debuger" key to try and enter the debug mode in a normal game. 


Now that I've got a BAT file with the -Ddebug, I can press F11, see a list of all the LUA files, choose mine, and reload it right there.  So very helpful and so very much faster than exiting to the main menu every time!

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How do you reload the file?


Hitting F12 does nothing for me.


I can see my mod file in the list, but there is no reload option?

Select your mod LUA file in the list by double clicking it. Then there is a button just above the list labeled something like "Experimental Mod Reload". Hit that and the mod file you have selected will reload.

Make sure it is the LUA you want to reload that is shown in the top right window. I've sometimes ended up reloading the wrong LUA file because I hadn't properly selected my file.

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