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Gutrot - Vacation Islands (pre-Alpha 1)


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I've decided, that everybody, who wants to test the map can do it now.

I would be pleased, if you could give a feedback (if it doesn't works; Oddities in buildings, which I've overlook and so on)


NOTICE: There are a lot of features, which doesn't work in this map with my own textures, for now.

for example:

- dig / farm / everything what is related to the grass-/dirt-textures

- a right item distribution of the rooms

- Change of season / correct weather

- A proper tropical vegetation / no erosion / no vegetation growth

- taking / placing of my objects


But I hope, you have a bit fun testing my map. :)


Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m5x3a2u5mk6kqbn/Gutrot_Island_PRE_TEST1.zip?dl=0


Put the folder in your /Users/YOU/Zomboid/mods

Activate the mod in the main menu!

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On 6/8/2021 at 2:57 AM, Atoxwarrior said:

It is an honor to have you back master.


Is it not a little too much of honor, if a successful master calls me master? :lol:


- In the meantime, I've created just a little construction site.

- Re-drawing some old beds to new one (not quite finished)

- Begin of drawing coconut palm (first stage, shadow missing yet)





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I've decided, that Gutrot (Vacation Islands) will become a challange map like "Kingsmouth" (like the size I've filt with houses, just a bit bigger), but after I can realy begin on working on the map, I have to draw some tropical/subtropical plants and trees.

Last time, I've shown you my first coconut palm.

Here is the jumbo tree of it.

(It will be in my map, if it's possible like the original trees - for now, I can't see a solution for bring it in the game as the other jumbo trees)

The second picture shows my newest tree.

A mangrove, which is known to hold off floods.



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