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Snow inside my buildings

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Im going insane about this issue I have.

I have just started with building stuff with the editors in project zomboid.



This is the situation I face


After I have installed the ZomboidMapTools1_1  and overwritten the tools withthe update files (TileZed-Jan-18-2014-64bit) I have done very litle else than locate the folder for the tiles.


Did I mention the snow inside my building? very anoying...


These are the steps I take..


1. I construct a building with the Building editor inside the Tilezed, I save this building which has rooms, walls and roof plus different objects such as doors and containers.

I save this file as "alternative.tbx.


2. I open WorldEd -> open muldraugh.pzw , then locate cell 10,12 -> double click on the cell.


3. I place "alternative.btx" and a default building from the tools "lot_house_medium_18_farmhouse.tbx" next to each other. I add the second as a control to avoid wasting time chasing construction ghosts. :D

I save Cell 10,12 (35,37)this , then I click on "The world"  save this as well. I can see both buildings place in the cell  "The World"


4 I go to File->Generate Lots->Selected Cells Only-> Input the following:


"E:\Modding\PZ\tools\MyMaps\Lotpacks" for the lot files

"E:\Modding\PZ\tools\rawmap\ZombieSpawnMap.bmp" for the zombie spawn map

World Origin offset is x25 y25 


I click Apply


5. I go back then click Ok in the same window.


6. I see : Generating .lot files (10,12) -> generated lot files ...Finished ! 

Buildings: 4

Rooms: 24

Room rects: 33

Room Objects:23


7. I Export the two files to the server inside the propper folder, start the server.


8. I enter the server as admin then run to the location and to my insane issue...

There is snow inside the buildings on level 0 (I can build plank floors ontop of that snow)


Both buildings have their floors covered in snow.


Please, help me :D









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