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Um. The ping on this server is massive, and it constantly has to load the map in a small area around my character, it was horribly unplayable.

Not our fault I can assure you. This tends to happen with 10 or more people on. The ping can rise to insane levels even though our server is supposed to kick at 1200 or more. We have plenty of ram and cpu to spare, but it makes little difference. It's typically just a lag "spike," occurring for 5-10 minutes at it's worst.

As of now, we can either restart the server more often, every 3 hours perhaps, or reduce the cap to 10 people max. Alpha struggles my friend, it has been better in past builds, but just part of the struggle for now.

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Server has been hard reset 2/3.

All map data has been wiped.
All your characters data is saved client side, and should be fine when you reconnect. 
We have added 6 hour scripted auto-restarts as well to help with crashes, and other bugs that bring the server down.
We're considering doing 2 week, automatic, map resets. Please vote in this poll on what you think:
If you have any other ideas for the server, post a reply.
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do your auto restart scripts /save the world before shutting down


as i learned the hard way this is a great way to corrupt your map data


Yep, we have it save first, and then quit the server gracefully. A countdown happens 5 minutes before, and server messages warn players. There's also a kill screen in the event the server has crashed as a backup, but it's timed long enough to only happen if the quit fails.

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