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Hey there mappers and builders!


Since we've gotten a lot of new maps and mappers during the holidays I decided to go poking into the system behind the blends and rules of the mapping tools. After half a day of trying and failing I've gotten a decent system working where I can create diagonal roads for the mapping tools.


Basically this:



It works with a bitmap too!


The colors are as follows:

Light Asphalt: 170 170 150

Medium Asphalt: 130 130 130

Dark Asphalt: 110 110 110

(Just add ten (10) to every vanilla road value.)




will result in this



There are a few things that aren't a 100%. . . For example you'll have to hand place some of the diagonal tiles in crossroads that have different road types, if you want them to look correct. The blend system is somewhat limited in this way, but it's a very minute problem considering the benefits!


Here's the download link and instructions on how to get it working with the tools:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fw5m2x8n8rttwe/Diagonal64bit.rar?dl=0 - 64bit version

https://www.dropbox.com/s/aj2305jisa06bv8/Diagonal32bit.rar?dl=0 - 32 bit version

(the only difference is where the files are placed, nothing fancy)


How to install:


  1. Create a back up of your blends.txt and rules.txt! They're located in tools/TileZed/WorldEd.
  2. Extract the .rar to your tools -folder. When asked to overwrite, say yes.
  3. Create your map using the correct colors
  4. Do BMP to TMX
  5. Open one of the cells with diagonal tiles, you will probably get the missing texture error (red question marks). Continue to the next step. If you don't get the error, you're all done!
  6. Go to Tools -> Tilesets...
  7. Press Add Tilesets from the bottom left (blank sheet with a star in the corner)
  8. Tick both 'blends_street_01_SB' and 'blends_street__diagonal_01_SB' then press OK
  9. Then press the plus icon (add tilesets to current map) and when prompted say yes
  10. Press OK and you're all done!!

You might need to add the tilesets to all new projects that use diagonal roads. So just follow from step 6 onward.



How to draw diagonal roads in TileZed:

Open the BMP brush on the right hand corner of the screen and on the rules tab scroll down to the tiles that have the (diagonal) at the end of them. Then pick one and start drawing!!


NOTE that this works only for the mapping tools! You have to create the custom packs and tile definitions to get it working in game as with any custom tilesets!!


Let me know if you can't get it working or run into problems!! Happy mapping and a happy Mondoid!!! (clyde) (clyde) (clyde)



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Is this still the best/current way to create diagonal roads?


I'm in the process of creating quite a large map that involves numerous diagonal roads. Just wondering if there is an updated way as the post is 2.5 years old.


Thanks in advance.  :-D

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I don't think this is really necessary.

The natural tiles (grass, sand, dirt, and pothole) have diagonal blends so as long as you line your roads with the correct tiles they will appear diagonal.

I personally have taken a liking to the kind of pothole that looks alot like gravel.

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