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My ideas for future updates


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I've been thinking of some cool things that might make the game even better


-Horses (Must be fed foraged grass, susceptible to scraches bites and can be bandaged)

-Bicycles (With durability)

-Dangerous Wildlife (Bears, Coyotes etc. and visible animals to hunt)

-Flares or Fireworks (To attract/ distract zombies)

-Beard and Hair growth over time (Use a Razor for beard, Scissors for hair)

-Stumble/Fall over when drunk

-Trade window for multiplayer (prevents people picking up items meant for trade)

-Random nightmares (Wake up in the middle of the night full panic and cant sleep for an hour)

-Bow and arrows (Craftable, for silent kills. also possible to equip arrow itself as blade weapon)

-Cannibalism (Just for multiplayer purposes, kill somebody? now they're food!)

-Piercings, Tattoos and Glasses (For more character customization)

-Rocket Launcher (For giant mob killing)

-Chainsaw (Chop down trees faster, powered by gas, sound attracts zombies much like a gunshot)

-Peephole (To see out your door, Drilled with screwdriver)

-Zombie Traps (Such as pits they fall in, bear traps etc.)

-Gas generator (for when the power goes out)

-Tree Stand (For either hunting or evading zombies)

-Basements/Underground forts (Seems realistic, right)


I'm sure people may have already mentioned some of these ideas before but I don't read every single post on here.


Also, It'd be cool if containers outside acted as refrigorators in the colder months, (November to February)

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