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Google Maps to Zomboid Terrain Map

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I was playing around with ways of making a terrain map from Google Maps. I found a way of rendering the Google Maps data using colours needed by the WorldEd.


I whipped this up today and is by no means any where near usable as of yet and have no clue what I am doing.




After looking into the terms of service information on the Google maps website I am unable to have any way of copying, saving, or downloading of any of the map data. This map is only to be used as a reference. I will not be providing a guide on how to convert for use with the Zomboid map editor unfortunately because of this.


Download Link: https://db.tt/x45rnIOK  Version 1.2


Implemented Features:

  • Button to set zoom level to optimal zoom
  • Map colours use Zomboid Terrain Palette
  • Button to switch the base colour between different types

Planned Features:

  • Ability to adjust road width
  • Ability to "pan" the image a set number of pixels, North, East, West, and South

Known Issues:

  • Anti aliasing will affect the edges of everything.
  • The Roads will be too thick at higher zoom levels, needs to be a specific zoom level




- Added buttons for changing base colour between dark grass, dirt, and sand

- Adjusted CSS for custom buttons to make them more shiny

- Made the zoom slider less obtrusive.



- Changed default lat long to 0,0

- Changed default zoom level to show world map

- Added button for "optimal zoom"

- Adjusted download to make it a zip download, instead of HTML hosted on dropbox

- Fixed issue where labels were shown for bodies of water


v1.0 - Initial Release



- I used the following site to create a "style" for a map http://gmaps-samples-v3.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/styledmaps/wizard/index.html

- I used the code sample from Googles API documentation as the base page https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/places-searchbox




Credit where it's due
This mod can be added to and extended by anyone in the community, but credit must be given to the original author within the files of the mod - and posted alongside the mod wherever it roams.

Edited by AnonPrime

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I spend an hour or two mucking about with taking screenshots and pasting into an image editor and have a png file that is loading and generating tmx files with no errors.


Here is an example map made using the above map: http://db.tt/vbdnjSmx

The map I generated still would need a lot of work to make it useable, but waaaay less time than doing it by hand. I now have a good method for fixing the anti aliasing using GIMP and converting it to an indexed image with a fixed palette. If I have the time I will whip up a quick guide on how to set up everything and post it here in the main post.

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Holy wow! I wish I'd had this when making the Radcliff map. It took me a few days to copy the map by hand with a pic editor. The only problem would seem to be that pz roads aren't diagonal or curved but still this is awesome!

Great work!!

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I was unable to fine a way to rotate the road map within Google Maps, there is a way though it is only for the 45degree angle satellite imagery. I am looking into other work arounds as it would be best to rotate right through the map.With the example map I used the tools within GIMP to rotate the image, though the roads are not straight and would need a lot of touch ups.


I am going to be playing around with a few ways of capturing the image, putting it into an editing program, and being able to modify it to prep for use as a terrain map. The roads in my above example are not straight, likely not the right width, though having a proper layout and somewhat proper proportion is a nice base to work off of.


Oh, and there are diagonal roads already in the vanilla game :P I expect that other colours of diagonal road are possible it really comes down to having the right tileset.




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The diagonal roads might just work. I'm using Photoshop to edit. I have a brush set up for each road size type so if I need I can edit the roads manually. Other then that this tool will be invaluable! :) When I have the base map I'm working on done I'll post it here too.

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Oh yeah of course. The diagonal roads work with grass, sand and dirt tiles because of the blend tiles, but they won't work with other street tiles. I really hope that they'll make blend tiles for those too. I've used some of my own tiles for my own maps but I haven't gotten those to work with the blends system yet...

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