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Mac Trouble on MP

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I started a server on a dedicated win 7 pro computer.


It's an older I3 intel, quad core 3.45 ghz with 4 gig ram.

No special add-ons or hardware, just kept the machine simple.

Other then Java and Steam it has no other programs running on it.

I have removed the security and firewall services as well as some other bloated windows services like themes.
My router is configured to send the server information through the right ports and I added enough range to handle a lot of players (though I set the server to accept only 50 connections.)

I have it running 30.10 iwbums build.



I have no trouble connecting and playing apart from the occasional lost packet ending in the map cell not to load. I have not heard of any one else having trouble with the server (yet) and quite a few people have joined it so far.




My wife has a mac book pro and is constantly failing to load map cells. The only thing she can do once a cell does not load is kill the application and reload. This is happening a lot to the point she cant play. We have removed all the anti-virus apps of her mac as well as opened the built in fire wall for PZ. 

The real kicker is that she can play on other servers with out this happening.


Is this a mac/windows connecting issue? Should I bite the bullet and use Linux even though I have no experience with it? Can any one think of a what might be causing this? Please help.


Oh, my connection is Cable internet. Download 30+ Mb/s Upload 1+ Mb/s

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