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Newbie. Ip doubt


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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to start my own server.

I've checked the manuals where it says that you are to open this ports in your modem:

16261 UDP

16262 TCP

.........  TCP

1626X TCP


My question.

When opening the ports, wich Ip am I to use?

My pc one that I check using ipconfig?  192.168.1.xx

or the external one that appears when using Whatsmy Ip addres?


wich one do I give my friends to get in? And this may sound way stupid but to conect myself, do I start the game, find server and add my own IP?


So sorry  but my knowlegde of this kind of issues is pretty similar than my knowledge about women way of thinking (with all my respect)


At first I've tried the Ip from my Pc -> is this config below good enough?




thank you in advanced.

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